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Royal Host

Royal Host

Royal Host

Royal Host
Shrimp Burger (NT$280)
Large juicy shrimp are coated
twice with batter, deep-fried
until crispy, and then dipped
in a European-style sour,
savory mayonnaise for a light,
delectable flavor. Using a
mixture of freshly-ground pork
and lean beef from New
Zealand, flavored with a
cardamom sauce, produces a
burger with a flavor so special
that even the most jaded
taste buds should be
stimulated, giving even
hardcore burger lovers a new
twist that is bound to surprise.

Royal Host pushes all the right buttons

By Niang Chen
Translated by Linda Chu

120, HeNan Rd, Sec 3, 2F (Tiger City mall)
(04) 2252-0432
Hours: 7 am-10:30 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Parking available.

Located on the bright, spacious second floor of Tiger City mall, Royal Host Restaurant proudly touts its mix of Japanese and Western management styles. When entering, one immediately senses an aura of professionalism and brand confidence exuding from the restaurant staff. This includes head chef Lu Chunsheng, who has over 20 years of experience and has led kitchen teams at well-known five-star northern Taiwan hotels.

"Our restaurant's vision is based on the importance of health and nutrition," notes Lu. "Thus, we take special care in choosing our ingredients. From a grain of rice to an egg or a scallop, each has undergone an extensive selection process. Our multicultural menu includes a diverse selection of mouth-watering dishes such as steak, pasta, rice pots, German pork hocks [pig's feet], as well as rice bowls with eel and chicken. We hope that all of our guests, from children to adults, can truly enjoy themselves over a delicious meal."

Royal Host Royal Host
Left: Rice Omelette (NT$200)
Another popular dish is this Japanese Rice Omelette. Chicken strips, onion bits and tomato sauce are first stir-fried with rice, then topped with a special egg mixture and vegetables before finally being garnished with a honey wine sauce. This is a dish that satisfies customers of all ages.

Right: 香Herb Chicken (NT$270)
The herb-infused fried chicken features fresh chicken marinated in fresh rosemary and thyme, then fried to crispy perfection. This fragrant entree is paired with a unique macaroni and cheese dish, with the usual cheese replaced with an egg yolk and cream mixture that makes it exceptionally creamy and scrumptious.

Royal Host Royal Host
Left: Seafood Paper Hot Pot (NT$300)
This Japanese-style seafood paper-lined hot pot features scallops fresh from the Sea of Okhotsk near Hokkaido and sushi-grade sea bass. The roasted-to-perfection scallops and sea bass are placed into a hot pot bowl made with special paper, and then finished off with a rich Taiwanese-style broth. A hot plate is used to control the temperature, ensuring that guests are able to enjoy the juicy tenderness of the succulent shellfish and unique texture of the fish.
Right: And, for just an additional NT$120, you can upgrade any of the above entrees to a combo meal that includes a soup, homemade bread, drink, and dessert. The fresh, delicious bread is made with a special house recipe and is best enjoyed while warm with just a small smear of butter. Its unique texture--crispy on the outside and soft on the inside--makes it addictive.

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