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Tai Xin Thai Restaurant: Offering authentic flavors to all

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Andy Tsao

(04) 2319-0424
1007, JianXing Rd
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9:30 pm (closed Mondays)
No service charge. Credit cards not accepted.

With an abundance of Thai eateries scattered across the city, you might occasionally experience some indecisiveness about where to stop in for that tasty papaya salad, curry chicken or Pad Thai noodles. Despite keeping a relatively low profile, Tai Xin Thai Restaurant is at the top of many diners' lists--as borne out by the fact it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Ideally located along a bustling stretch of JianXing Road within 150 meters of Taichung Port (Kang) Road, Tai Xin seats about 60 in a pleasant, two-floor minimalist setting. According to owner/manager Miss Chen, her establishment has long drawn diners with its authentic-tasting cuisine, prepared by a Thai chef who doesn't compromise his traditional flavors by diluting or changing them.

owever, diners can request what level of spiciness they want when ordering. Take a look at the long menu and you'll notice one other uniquely attractive feature here--most main courses are also available as smaller, cheaper orders for one or two diners. For example, the popular "Som Tum" Papaya Salad is NT$160 for a full order but only NT$80 for a smaller one. Currently, a dining twosome can during all meals also opt for a NT$599 special, which allows you to pick one dish from each of six categories--meat, vegetable, fish, soup, drink, etc.

Other popular menu items include the popular thin, wedge-shaped Triangular Shrimp Cake (NT$250 for 8, NT$130/4) and the thicker, rounder Shrimp Cakes. Another tasty item that probably finds slightly more favor with Taiwanese diners is the Preserved Egg with Special Sauce (NT$120/NT$45)--a Thai version of the famed local "pi dan" "thousand-year-old" eggs. More to the universal liking of Eastern and Western palates is the sour-and-spicy Steamed Fish in Lemon, Hot Pepper Sauce (NT$300/NT$150) and House Special Fish, bought live at the market daily. Chicken cooked in Spicy Basil (NT$160/NT$80), Curry Shrimp, Tom Yum Goong soup, and Pad Thai chicken, beef or seafood noodles are other much-loved entrees that never fail to please.

Whether it's lunch or dinner time, and whether or not you're by yourself, with a friend or a big group of acquaintances, Tai Xin Thai Restaurant offers the flexibility, reasonable prices and, best of all, great flavors to please just about everyone.

泰炘泰式餐廳 泰炘泰式餐廳

泰炘泰式餐廳 泰炘泰式餐廳

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