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Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

Classic Taiwan-style dining comes to life at Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

By Natasha Lee
Translated by Naomi Lai

(04) 2326-3791
341, GongYi Rd
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
Parking available.

When talking about the wonderful cuisine of Taichung, no one should forget mentioning the dining hub of GongYi Road. Here there is one particular Sichuan restaurant that you cannot miss. Now 20 years old, Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine combines northern Chinese noodle-making techniques with spices and culinary skills from the rest of China to provide connoisseurs with delight after delight. Each day at mealtimes, this eatery takes diners back to their childhood memories of old Taichung restaurants, complete with packed rooms of people eating, ordering, socializing and having a good time. The decor of red lanterns, big round tables and hanging calligraphy also provides a festive air. With two decades of Taichung culinary history under its belt, Xi Wei Xiang clearly has something that many of its newer competitors do not.

When you are seated here, the waiter will bring you a cup of fresh-brewed healthy tea made with ingredients such chrysanthemum, wolf berry (goji berry), and red dates (jujube). To the further benefit of foreign diners, the restaurant offers English and Japanese menus, and there are also catering services that allow you, your family and friends to enjoy the delicious food here without leaving your house. All of these pluses are indicative of the restaurant's deep commitment to good service and its customers.

When dining here, you won't want to miss the traditional breads, pastries and pancakes such as the Green Onion Pancake (NT$30), Northern Flap Jack (NT$45), and Steam Dumplings (NT$70). Another popular dish is the Beijing Roasted Duck. The duck's popular partner dish, the Lotus Leaves Cake, can also be used to create something similar to lumpia by wrapping a spoonful of the Mixed Vegetable Dish and some eggs into it. You can also order dishes such as Fried Beef Slices With Green Chili (NT$168), the sweet-flavored Peking Spareribs (NT$178), the internationally popular Sauerkraut & Pork Chafing Dish (NT$380, medium pot), or the connoisseurs' favorite--Crab with Chili Bean Sauce, made with fresh fish from the Shanlinhsi (Cedar Creek) area. This tasty dish must be reserved in advance.

Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine Xi Wei Xiang Sichuan Cuisine

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