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Cherche Midi


Cherche Midi


Cherche Midi

(04) 2258-5809
305, ShiZheng N 2nd Rd
Hours: 11 am-1 am
10% service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.
Minimum NT$200/person bill daytime,
NT$300/person nighttime.

This strikingly attractive establishment, located near Tiger City behind the ChaoFu Road Hakka Restaurant, does triple duty as a fine restaurant, teatime dessert-and-drink place, and swanky lounge-style nightspot. This place is designed to please epicures of all sorts, offering six high-end steaks--from the U.S. Rib Eye (NT$600) to the Dry Aged Steak (NT$4,200)--plus French-style pastries, handmade chocolates, a big selection of rare whiskies (Irish, Speyside, Islay, East and Northern Plateaus, Skye, etc.), wines, draft German Licher Weizen beer (500cc NT$300), and 15 sorbets/gelatos, with flavors ranging from Mango & Jasmine to Green Apple Celery. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Naomi Lai

A. From the outside, Cherche Midi resembles a big, modern European villa, complete with chimney, large grassy "backyard" (with some cushy chairs), and a still-uncompleted upstairs loft area designed as a special space for savoring the whiskies and other epicurean delights offered here.

B. All meal sets include a salad, like the fruit/vegetable salad (pictured) served with a nice mint dressing, plus a soup choice, such as the pleasantly-spicy Vegetable Beef Soup (pictured), small glass of plum vinegar drink, a side-dish selection (like Blue Diamond Shrimp & Pan-Fried Salmon), seasonal vegetables, main course choice, dessert, and drink choice.

Cherche MidiC. The spacious high-ceilinged interior is surrounded by glass walls, framed by thick, rough-wood beams, and includes marble tables, colorful cushy seats and sofa areas. During popular evening hours it looks even more romantic, with candlelit tables and nice lighting.

Compass Magazine is required by law to remind you not drink and drive.

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