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Prince Cafe

Prince Cafe
The restaurant also offers an
elegant, spacious interior.

Prince Cafe
The Risotto Seafood in Truffle
Cream Sauce (NT$360) is made
with Italian black truffle sauce
together with fresh shrimp,
scallops, oysters and other
seafood imported from Japan,
Canada and the Penghu
islands. Each grain of rice is
soaked through with a delicate
truffle fragrance.

An amazing truffle immersion at Prince Cafe

By Lishea Zheng
Translated by Naomi Lai

(04) 2235-3890
58, MeDe St
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-9:30 pm
Open all day on weekends, closed Mondays.
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.
Minimum NT$120 purchase.

Italian truffles are the key ingredient hidden within the delicate Italian cuisine and desserts at Prince Cafe. This allows you to savor the earthy essence of the forest, as the beautiful truffle flavor and aroma subtly titillates you tastebuds.

Prince Cafe's tasty courses focus mainly on Italian and French fish and chicken courses. The restaurant's new Lohas Meal Set, introduced this autumn, includes an entree (NT$290, from five choices) with soup and bread. A beverage can be added from the menu with a 50% discount. The Roasted Chicken, part of the choices for the meal set, comes in three flavors: country, barbecue, and fruit. Other lunch and dinner choices include Paella and French Truffle Omelet. Another good option, the Business Lunch (NT$230-290), includes an entree (10 choices), soup, bread and beverage. The menu changes every four months according to the seasonal ingredients, helping ensure a fresh experience when you visit.

Prince Cafe Prince Cafe
Left: The Pan Fried Dory Fish With Truffle Basalmico (NT$360) uses lighter-flavored white truffles to complement the fresh sweetness of the fish.
Right: New desserts include Creme Brulee (NT$38), French Rose Flavored Tiramisu (NT$48) and Marshmallow Chocolate Tiramisu (NT$48).

Prince Cafe Prince Cafe
Left: Roast Chicken Salad comes with juicy roasted chicken, fresh fruit, lettuce and raspberry sauce.
Right: Roast Pork With Raspberry Sauce (NT$360) is the only pork dish among eight entrees recommended by Chef Jackal. The tender pork is stewed for an hour before being roasted. Add NT$120 to upgrade this to a B-Meal Set, which includes bread with homemade nut butter, soup, salad, a "Truffmisu" dessert (NT$68 single order) and German fruit tea.

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