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Soul Food


Soul Food


Soul Food

(04) 2314-4338
18, ZhongMing Rd
Hours: 11 am-9 pm
Credit cards not accepted.

Although vegetarian places are growing in popularity, there are not that many like Soul Food, which also offers vegetarian dishes as well as drinks like coffee, juice and tea. Here, diners can enjoy their vegetarian fare in many different ways, including hotpots, set meals with rice or noodles, and tasty table menus for a group of friends to enjoy together. The restaurant makes a lot of effort to ensure the quality of all its dishes, including side orders like Turnip Eggs, Fried Tofu (NT$40) and Fried Sesame Oil Rice Noodles (NT$40). For groups, Soul Food can recommend a variety of suitable dishes, according to the number of the people, and has various offers like the NT$399 four-entree, one-soup group meal. Please also notify the cook in advance if it's okay to use eggs in your meal. It is also interesting to note that there is no menu here, as the chef uses his experience to come up with delicious, creative dishes every day, including sometimes-unorthodox ingredient combinations. He uses his knowledge of each ingredient's distinctive flavor to do this, adding no seasonings for added health benefits. --By Ann Li, translated by Sho Huang

A. The restaurant's interior design is simple, clean and neat.

B. The Fried Vegetable Patty (NT$50) is made of the perfect proportions of basil leaves and vegetables.

Soul FoodC. Sesame Hotpot (NT$150), a perfect dish for the winter, tastes good in your mouth and warms your stomach. First fry the ginger in sesame oil before adding water to make the broth and dumping in the seasonal vegetables. You can choose and between rice and glass noodles, sprinkled with black sesame seeds for enhanced fragrance.

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