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It's teatime! Enjoying your cake, tea & coffee in Taichung--GoGo191, CHOCo MISSION, Kano Enzyme House, Alley 3 Cafe

By Lishea Zheng
Translated by Angel Pu






(04) 2221-5988
191, SanMin Rd, Sec 1, West District
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

On a table by the window at this place are a variety of different-sized teddy bears, just part of a warm, welcoming atmosphere full of sweet fragrances, just like the honey that bears love. For dining in, drinks are NT$50 with a slice of cake (Moon Cheese Bakery), and there's a 50% discount for take-out beverages (except the 191 Tea and Scented Tea). The menu offers six kinds of Italian coffee (NT$80-130), eight types of "Pure Tea" (NT$50-80), six special mixed teas (NT$70), five milk teas (NT$50-80), and five special mixed drinks for winter (NT$60-90).

A: The cute bear here appears to be sampling a slice of Light Cheese Cake (NT$30) while pondering the flavor of GoGo191's Raspberry Green Tea, which is actually slightly sweet and sour with rich green-tea fragrances.

B: The 191 Yuan Qi Set for Two (NT$191) is fresh-made for patrons, while the 191 Tea (NT$80) has a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

C: The cakes here come in either Tiramisu or Coffee flavors (NT$30 per slice) and go well with savory drinks like the Hot Green Tea with Black Beans and Brown Rice (NT$80) and Signature Iced Coffee (NT$80), a gentle, smooth conconction.

GoGo191 GoGo191




257-3, Taichung Port (TaiZhongGang) Rd, Sec 1, West District (CMP BLOCK mall area)
(04) 2329-2809
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-10 pm
Sat & Sun 10:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted. No service charge.
Minimum NT$120/person charge.

If it wasn't clear enough already, the "mission" of this establishment is to promote chocolate. Almost hidden in a forest of bamboo poles behind the Park Lane/Eslite shopping mall, this shop allows you some free samples of very pure 70-80% chocolate. Chocolate and cakes start from NT$100 and adding a drink to this comes with a NT$30 discount. The Weekday Set (NT$280) includes a cake, Italian low-fat ice cream, homemade cookies, homemade chocolate with American coffee or English Earl Grey Tea (choose one of these two). If you want to replace this with another drink from the menu, just deduct from the listed price.

A: Green Apple Hawaiian Mille-feuille (NT$120) has a lower layer made up of chopped pistachios, a middle layer of green apple jelly, and a top layer of macadamia nuts and white chocolate mouse with red currants, blueberries, kiwi fruit and lantern flower seeds. These layers of delicious, fresh ingredients promise to delight. Such treats can be enjoyed with drinks like the equally-tasty Iced Cocoa Drink (NT$130).

B: A new December product is the Blueberry Tart (NT$100). The upper layer consists of chocolate and cheese, covered with blueberries, while the lower layer is a crispy chocolate crust. Cut it into half and you'll see the custard, blueberry sauce and two layers of chocolate sponge cake. Upgrade your happiness with a cup of Japanese Brown Rice Tea (NT$180/pot).

C: Vanilla and Chocolate Mille-feuille (NT$120) is made with layer upon layer of chocolate sauce (purity 80%) and vanilla sauce. Enjoy the original flavor of Passion Fruit and Cocoa Sorbet with an Italian Low Fat Ice Cream. A warm cup of Cappuccino is NT$130.



Kano Enzyme House


Kano Enzyme House

372, ZhongMing Rd, North District (next to gas station); (04) 22082877: 0800-362288
Hours:10 am-10:30 pm
closed Chinese New Year's Eve; closes 6:30 pm Feb. 3-6

Kano's owners are so taken with natural enzymes that they use them to replace chemical additives in their food and even drinks. This flagship store for this business serves as Kano's central bakery, and has developed the perfect recipes, using the right enzymes, baking temperatures and level of moistness to create exquisite cakes and pastries. Even guests from mainland China love these special, enzyme-based desserts and the bakery's chairman, Mr. Chen, says that Kano will launch its first branch in China this year.

A: Marble Cheese Cake (NT$350, 6-inch cake), Green Tea Swiss Roll (NT$45), Earl Grey Swiss Roll (NT$45) and Milk Tea (NT$25) are examples of Kano's popular baked goods.

B: European-Style Cheese Roll (NT$35) and Truffle Cake (NT$65) are two other savory delicacies here.

C: The secret to Kano's products lies in its Enzyme Bakery and Development Center.

Kano Enzyme House Kano Enzyme House


Alley 3 Cafe

Alley 3 Cafe

Alley 3 Cafe

29, HongEn 3rd Lane, XiTun Rd, Sec 3, Xitun District; (04) 2461-9169
Hours: 8 am-11 pm,點餐至10 pm/Last order at 10 pm (closed 6 pm every first Thursday of the month)
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge. Minimum bill NT$80/person. Dining time limited to 2 hours during holidays.

As soon as you enter this coffee shop, you will see the handmade cakes (NT$100-130/piece) made by Alley 3 Cafe's attractive owner, Amy. Besides baked goods, the cafe also offers a variety of unique freshly-ground coffees (NT$120-150/cup). Fresh-brewed coffee is also provided as instant coffee (NT$30-45/bag). In addition, there is limited-quantity cold drip coffee (NT$180/cup) available only by reservation. Italian-style coffees are NT$80-160 per cup and teas are NT$140-260 per pot.

A: The nice-looking Alley 3 Café fills with morning sunshine.

B: Homemade-style Quiche (NT$80) has a crispy crust and soft stuffing, and can be ordered with or without meat. Organic Orange Blossom and Lemon Black tea leaves also fill the air with elegant, citrusy smell.

C: The Honey Waffle with Ice Cream (NT$120) is topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, apples and grapefruit slices, for a nice balance of sweet and tart flavors.

D: Cafe favorites include daily homemade-style specials like the Chocolate Cake and Banana Lime Cake (NT$130/slice), together with Kenya AA Hot Coffee. The Chocolate Cake is full of chocolatey sweetness and heavy peanut flavors, while the Banana Lime Cake is the perfect mixture of those two main fruit flavors. Top off these desserts with the very smooth-tasting coffee.

Alley 3 Cafe Alley 3 Cafe


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