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Chiggia Futsal Club / R&P Football Kitchen


Chiggia Futsal Club / R&P Football Kitchen


Chiggia Futsal Club / R&P Football Kitchen

121-20, AnHe Rd, Xitun District
(04) 2358-1585
Hours: restaurant 8 am-8 pm (opens 6 pm Mon.);
futsal court 10 am-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.
Free wireless Internet.

This unique four-in-one business is committed to football/soccer and located just off of Taichung Port Road, Section 3. By the first-floor entrance is a soccer gear shop next to a stairway upstairs where Taichung's (perhaps Taiwan's) only dedicated indoor football court is. Normal access for three hours is NT$100/person weekday mornings/afternoons and NT$200 evenings and weekends, although teams/groups can book it, too. Running the court's full length is F&B Football Kitchen, serving good, reasonably-priced Western fare, including burgers (NT$180-210), all-day breakfast and American-style Hash (ham, potatoes, mushrooms, macaroni) and various drinks. For visiting soccer teams/players, there's also a third-floor, seven-room hostel with four to eight person rooms (NT$500/person with breakfast). --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Angel Pu

A. Chiggia's large, near-regulation size futsal court is an ideal indoor space for soccer and can be used for full-court or half-court matches. It is fully equipped with goals, spectator/team areas, scoreboard and a nicely-outfitted adjacent locker/shower room.

B. F&B Football Kitchen's chef, who used to run several popular Tainan Western bar/restaurants, offers satisfying food, including all-day breakfasts like the NT$190 Two Egg Plate, with a choice of bacon, ham, sausage or chicken breast and salad or fruit. The NT$190 Spanish Omelette (pictured), filled with ham, potatoes, tomatoes, greep peppers and onions and served with a spicy side salsa, is another great choice.

Chiggia Futsal Club / R&P Football KitchenC. Although the spacious 96-restaurant provides great views of the futsal court, a big feature here is the large-screen TVs, hooked up to satellite sports channels showing football. To check on games, or arrange special viewings, call first.

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