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Rustic food & fun at Central Taiwan tourist farms--Taiwan provincial Farmer's Association Recreation Farm, Yong Wang Mother Goat Recreation Farm, Tian Ma Farm, Wen Shan Recreation Farm

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu


Taiwan provincial Farmer's Association Recreation Farm



Taiwan provincial Farmer's Association Recreation Farm

56, ShanJiao Lane, ShuiMei Village, Waipu District; (04) 2687-2724
Hours: 8 am-5 pm
Milking time︰7:30-8 am, 3:30-4 pm
Tickets: NT$100
GPS: N 24° 19’ 49.4”
E 120° 37’ 7.7”
Take Provincial Highway No.1 toward Dajia. Turn onto ShanJiao Lane when at the 154.5 km marker and follow direction signs to the farm.

With a total area of 50 hectares, this farm sits at ShuiMei village's highest point, offering views down on the Dajia River. There are various areas for camping, barbecues, feeding cows, herbs, and a recreation trail. Here you can cook with an earthen oven, fly kites, roll hay, milk cows, and join a study of plants and herbs. Running, jumping and rolling on the farms vast fields, guests can enjoy themselves in a rural atmosphere and do the things they can't enjoy in the city. When it comes to dining, the farm's Tian-Ma-Ma Restaurant provides set table meals, noodles, rice and special entrees made from milk. Please make reservations beforehand so the restaurant can prepare your meal according to the number of guests and desired price.

A: The ranch offers different activities for different seasons, such as the "Straw Installation Art Design Competition".

B: Guests can feed the cows at any time. Using a feeding bottle (NT$50/bottle) to feed those hungry calves is a lot of fun.

C: A 7-dish-1-soup set meal is NT$2,000 for 10 people, and includes White Salted Chicken, Sweet and Sour Fish, Braised Pork, and Steamed Shrimp. These delicious country-style entrees will warm your stomach and help make you feel right at home.

Taiwan provincial Farmer's Association Recreation Farm Taiwan provincial Farmer's Association Recreation Farm


Yong Wang Mother Goat Recreation Farm

Yong Wang Mother Goat Recreation Farm

(04) 2330-7927
18, Lane 91, YuDe Rd, Wufeng District
Hours: 9 am-9 pm
Tickets︰NT$150 (NT$100 of this price can be used as credit toward goat-milk steamed buns and other goat-milk products.)
GPS: N 120° 41’ 53.8”E 24° 03’ 4.8”
Credit cards accepted.
Get off the National Highway No. 3 from Wufeng Interchange, turn onto Provincial Highway No. 3 heading north and you will see Taiwan Provincial Assembly Building. After entering the gate about 100 meters, turn right and follow the direction sign.

Farm owner Zhuang Yong-yu grew up on this farm, and used this uncultivated land, rich in natural resources, to implement natural animal-breeding methods. There are hundreds of goats, chickens and free-range pigs. Here, a natural ecological balance is maintained between the animals, vegetation and land. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy a goat-milking experience and eat some goat meat and other delicious country-style food. Now over 50 years of age, Mr. Zhuang plays an active role and serves at the restaurant in black rain boots. Besides guided farm tours, visitors can also walk along small paths in the woods and wander around this all-natural farm.

A: The set meal is NT$300 and diners can choose between either Salted Chicken, Wild Pig Meat with Crushed Garlic, and Goat Meat cooked in wine. A steamer of goat-milk steamed buns is NT$100 for 20 sweet, exquisite buns, which are addicting to eat. Set table meals are also available for NT$2,500 and up.

B: There's only one secret here to raising the pigs, which is to let them roam freely in the woods. These free-range swine grub for food everywhere, so you might encounter one while you're hiking around the farm.

C: The farm includes a goal milking and feeding area.

Yong Wang Mother Goat Recreation Farm Yong Wang Mother Goat Recreation Farm


Tian Ma Farm


Tian Ma Farm

1-36, ShuiTou Lane, JiaHou Rd, Waipu District
(04) 2683-4388
Hours: 9 am-6 pm
(closed Wesdays)
Tickets: NT$200
GPS︰N 24° 19’ 36”
E 120° 40’ 53”

Tian Ma Farm is located next to Yamay theme park and friendly owner Zhang Jun-jie planned and built this seven-hectare paradise himself. At the farm you'll see many kinds of animals, including parrots, a hippo, rabbits, tortoises, crocodiles and boa constrictors. Walking through the natural-looking zoo, you may encounter a rabbit, small deer or other creatures whose names you don't even know, which triggers plenty of delighted shreiks and laughter from both young and older visitors. The farm restaurant offers simple meals like Ostrich Meat Rice (NT$100), Three-Cup Chicken Rice (NT$70) and Minced Pork Rice (NT$50).

A: The Great White Pelican likes to open up its mouth and chases visitors wearing black because it mistakes them as prey.

B: Every guest gets a bucket of feed after purchasing their ticket, allowing them to feed animals like the goats, horses, camels and hippo.

C: Kids love riding the farm's horses, camels and ostriches.

Tian Ma Farm Tian Ma Farm


Wen Shan Recreation Farm

Wen Shan Recreation Farm

Wen Shan Recreation Farm

(04) 2493-7679
123, JianDong Rd, Dali District
Hours: 9 am-5 pm
Tickets: NT$100 (Includes bamboo cups, a plant and oxcart rides.)
GPS: N 120° 43’39.” E 24° 05’14”
Take Provincial Highway No. 3 (GuoGuang Rd. to ZhongXing Rd.), turn onto County Highway No. 129 (RenHua Rd.), turn right onto JianDong Rd, turn left onto Yinlian No. 1 Bridge and the farm will be on the left-hand side.
Exit National Freeway No. 3 at the Wugeng Interchange, turn left onto ZhongZheng Rd., turn right at JiFeng Rd., turn left at MinSheng Rd., drive through Yinlian No. 2 Bridge and the farm will be on the right-hand side.

Fifty-something farm owner Su Huo-gen has received an award for his excellent chicken raising techniques and is a humorous man known to children "Ah-Gen-Bo" (Uncle Gen). While many visitors have no clue how a farm works, a guided tour by Ah-Gen-Bo provides a good education. At this farm, there are cows, goats, pigs and chickens running around the hills so you can choose whatever you want to do, whether that's chasing the feathered fowl and pigs, feeding goats, or barbecuing with an earth oven.

A: Traditional snacks like Fried Noodles, Stir-Fried Vegetables, and Chicken Soup are NT$50 per person. For groups there is a NT$1,000 set meal for 10 people that includes Hakka-Style Stir-Fry, Crispy River Shrimp, Salted Chicken (farm raised), Cold Bamboo Shoots, and Stir-Fry Mushrooms. Earth-Oven Chicken with Ginseng is NT$350 and steamed rice in bamboo tubes is NT$50. This place also offers barbecue and earth-oven barbecue package tours, with ingredients provided by the farm. Call the farm for more information and reservations.

B: Ah-Gen-Bo says that chasing small pigs takes a bit of skill, but it is something that visitors are welcome to enjoy here.

C: You have probably enjoyed eating beef, but have you ever tried riding on an oxcart? Pulling the cart is a Taiwanese yellow ox that is as old as the farm owner himself and only understands Taiwanese. This means you have to be careful about giving him the wrong command, or you may find yourself taking a wrong turn and sitting in the Cao Hu River.

D: Visitors need to get a good grip on bottles when feeding the farm's cute little lambs.

Wen Shan Recreation Farm Wen Shan Recreation Farm


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