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Shinkansen Grand Hotel & Yuei-Yang-Ro Restaurant


Shinkansen Grand Hotel & Yuei-Yang-Ro Restaurant


Shinkansen Grand Hotel & Yuei-Yang-Ro Restaurant

A236, WuQuan W Rd, Sec 3, Nantun District
(intersection with ZhongGong
[Industrial] 18th Rd); (04) 2350-0996
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-9 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Parking available.

Shinkansen Grand Hotel on WuQuan West Road is another quality hotel opened by the Zhong Ke Hotel Group. The guest rooms are modern, clean and comfortable, and the hotel includes good Eastern and Western style food-and-beverage outlets like Yuei-Yang-Ro restaurant, Forever International Banquet Hall, and the Coffee Bar, designed to serve a variety of needs, whether that's a banquet, a drink, or an afternoon tea time. --By Niang Cheng, translated by Angel Pu

A. The elegant-looking Yuei-Yang-Ro Eastern-style restaurant uses zen concepts to create a very attractive setting. Senior Executive Chef Wu Xin-chun oversees the preparation of a variety of traditional and creative Taiwanese, Cantonese and Hakka dishes.

B. The restaurant's signature "Jin Zhuan" pickles (NT$150/bottle) are created by the chefs. The pickles mainly consist of Chinese cabbage marinated with garlic, carrots, fish sauce and juice, giving it a smooth, sweet, sour and slightly nutty flavor, plus an appetizing golden color.

Shinkansen Grand Hotel & Yuei-Yang-Ro RestaurantC. Fish Head Casserole (NT$320 or NT$580). To make this dish, the heads of chub fish are fried, before two kinds of soup stock (chicken bones and big bones) are added with lots of clams and a bit of specially-mixed satay sauce. This makes this dish filling and full of great traditional flavors. Before it's served, a big handful of chopped garlic sprouts are sprinkled on top. The final result, exuding spicy, refreshing aromas, is a big hit with connoisseurs of Taiwanese cuisine.

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