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This dish is made of premium
black pork. After the fat is
removed, the chef tenderizes
the meat, which smells
delicious after being
grilled and fried. This entree
goes best with a specially-
made sour cream and crispy

White Water Noodles with
Beef:The texture of the
stewed beef tendons is even
and soft. With chewy noodles
and savory beef stock, most
customers don't finish until
they've cleaned the last drop
of soup from the bowl.

Cheese Tortilla with Salsa
Sauce: Chewy mozzarella
cheese is wrapped in tiny
hand-made tortillas with sour
and sweet salsa sauce.

The Home Chef: Dine-in or take-home pleasure plus education

By Niang Chen & Ann Li
Translated by Angel Pu

17, Lane 155, GongYi Rd, 6F, West District
(04) 2302-2182 / 0937-768099
Call to reserve in advance.
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

The Home Chef is a very unique restaurant that combines a private dining setting with cooking classroom. Homemade cakes and various frozen ready-made foods are also available here. As soon as you enter this very unique establishment, you'll see a fashionable-looking kitchen island, situated in a very large, clean space that also offers good views of Taichung's Citizens Square (People's Park) through big glass walls.

Iris, the lovely owner, is very talkative and pleasant as she discusses her cross-cultural marriage and how she learned to cook. She has learned many styles of cooking, including Sichuan, Cantonese and French cuisine. As her husband is American, her cooking style has evolved into a mix of East and West.

Those wishing to dine here need to first make a reservation. Lunch is NT$650 and dinner is NT$850, and the menu includes 12 original dishes and desserts. As noted above, Iris also teaches cooking and baking. She is so creative and never stops thinking about new dishes. Diners can watch her assembling new dishes while chatting with her, just like having a big dinner at someone's home.

She also sells ready-made dishes, so that those who usually eat out can take these items home for a good, easy meal. These include dumplings (flavors including leeks, fennel and vegetarian baby bok choy) and handmade sauces (pineapple sauce, cheese sauce, sour cream, vegetarian sauce, bolognese sauce and bolognese meat ball sauce; prices run between NT$150 and NT$380).

It's not entirely surprising that Iris once had her own TV cooking show, and now has accumulated over 30 years of experience. This gives her plenty of cooking-lecture material. Students who take cooking lessons (NT$3,500/ 3 hours) can learn six dishes and make use of the remain ingredients freely. The students also get one cooking DVD and one handmade cake roll.

愛儷仕廚坊 愛儷仕廚坊
Left: Hand-made Xixi Dumplings (pan-fried) contain whole shrimp, egg crepes and leeks, giving it a rich, layered flavor. Fennel Dumplings (boiled) exude the appetizing taste of fennel.
Right: Pineapple Pie, Homemade Banana and Walnut Cake and Belgium Handmade Chocolates are three of The Home Chef's most popular items. Don't forget to save some room in your stomach for these lovely desserts.

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