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Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant

Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant
Steamed Shrimp with Minced
Garlic (NT$200) features a
great amount of minced garlic
and Chinese vermicelli,
covered with fresh shrimp.
The delicious flavor of the
vermicelli comes from the
juices of the shrimp
and garlic.

Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant
Fried Cuttlefish with Salted
Egg Yolk (NT$160) has meaty
cuttlefish covered in flour and
oil-fried with salted egg yolks.
The cuttlefish is deliciously
chewy and has a sweet flavor.

Creative, 5-star flavors keep things busy at Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant

By Ann Li
Translated by Angel Pu

47, HanKou Rd, Sec 1, Xitun District
(04) 2312-1067
Hours: 5 pm-2 am
No service charge.
Credit cards accepted.

Da Xiang is a great dining option, whether you're organizing a banquet-style gathering or just want to meet up with some friends. Friendly chef A-Xiang specializes in Cantonese cuisine, seafood, grilled dishes and Taiwanese cuisine and, while there's nothing amazing about the decor or ambiance here, diners are usually amazed by the delicious food.

A-Xiang's signature dish is Seafood Congee. Cooked casserole-style, its rice absorbs a seafood stock, giving it the rich flavor that diners all love. A-Xiang previous worked at Sun Moon Lake's renowned The Lalu resort, so his menu is filled with top-end dishes offered for reasonable prices, including fried beef, fried pork, pork intestines, frog, and seafood. Thus, you can avoid a trip to the lake and enjoy these five-star items right here. It also helps explain why first-time diners quickly turn into regulars, including not a few who dine here several times a week.

The restaurant also provides beers such as Tsingtao (special price NT$39/can) and private rooms that can accommodate about 20 people (call to reserve in advance).

Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant
Lfet: Assorted Grill has been introduced by the owner's wife, who covers it with a homemade grill sauce.

Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant Da Xiang Fry & Grill Restaurant
Left: Fried Green Bamboo Shoots with Salted Egg-- Regular patrons all know that there are some really incredible dishes not listed on the menu. Even so, these are available at any time and can be adjusted according to one's tastes.
Right: Abalone Congee (NT$400) is a mixture of marinated abalone, fresh shrimp and rice, boiled in a casserole for hours. The rich, creamy congee tastes even better with one tablespoon of homemade dried scallop sauce.

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