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Niu He Steakhouse


Niu He Steakhouse


Niu He Steakhouse

16-1, Alley 21, ShiBin 1st Lane, ZhongGang (Taichung Port) Rd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist.
Closed 停業

This extremely popular little steakhouse, located on a small alley just off YongFu Road (see Compass Science Park Area Map), started out as a very busy roadside stand before recently moving. A constant stream of customers--from young families and couples to blue-collar workmen--lines up for seats or take-out food here, thanks to great, reasonably-priced steaks and similar fare that owner Mr. Chen--whose friends call him "Big Cow" (Da Niu)--sells. The steaks start from the eight-ounce NT$200 U.S. Choice Sirloin and NT$200 New Zealand Bone-In Beef Short Ribs. Other offerings include NT$150 Pork Knuckles, Salted Roast Shrimp (NT$150 for 6), grilled lamb chops and chicken steaks, plus noodles, salads, sodas and NT$100 beers. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Angel Pu

A. The 21-ounce American U.S. Choice Shoulder Sirloin Steak goes for NT$380 (NT$280 for 16oz., NT$600 for 36oz.) and is prepared and served without any of the usual sauces, which Mr. Chen says detract from the good original flavors. Rather, it's seasoned with rock salt and pepper and liberally covered with raw garlic slices, with onions, pickled veggies, a couple sausages and two big Penghu oysters on the side.

B. "Big Cow" and his staff work nonstop to keep hungry patrons fed. The owner, who previously worked at Japanese and seafood eateries, stresses the use of fresh, flavorful ingredients that he goes out his way to source himself. He personally recommends enjoying his steaks medium-well or medium-rare to get the most flavor.

Niu He SteakhouseC. Niu He has a relaxed, open-air, Taiwan-style ambiance.

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