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Endless summer days and nights at Patio Restaurant

By Natasha Lee
Translated by Angel Pu

35, JingCheng 6th St, West District
(04) 2329-1170
Hours: 11:30 am-1 am
(closed Mondays)
Credit cards not accepted. Minimum bill NT$150 per person.

Dining at Patio feels like a party in the home of an American family. The owner has many interesting ideas about life and welcomes those who have a zest for living and want to enjoy time with family and friends in Patio's open dining area and big yard.

The food here mixes the straightforward nature of American-style dining with exquisite Italian cuisine, as can be seen by the fact that Patio's signature dishes are burgers and pasta. The size of the Peanut and Bacon Burger (NT$230) is just right for a typical woman's appetite, and it is made with juicy beef and bacon plus creamy peanut butter, housed in a bun that is soft inside and crispy outside. Various kinds of seafood pastas (NT$220 and up) are liberally topped with shrimp and clams--a very appetizing sight.

Many customers also come here for the cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. It is recommended that first-time visitors order the not-so-common Banana Milk (NT$130). Regulars also believe that the summer's best beverages include Patio's various aloe smoothie drinks, reputed to be good for one's health and beauty. The Kiwi Fruit Aloe Smoothie (NT$130) contains chopped kiwi fruit, aloe bits and some shaved ice, and goes well with pretty much every dish at the restaurant.

If you'd like to sample one of the good cocktails, just ask Camper, Patio's top bartender, who can make almost any drink you can think, regardless of whether it's on the menu or not. Special for this summer, the Watermelon Mojito (NT$250) is extremely refreshing, thanks to Camper's addition of three different kinds of peppermint leaves. Every sip of this minty tropical drink will leave you wanting to linger longer during summer evenings at Patio.

Patio Patio
Left: Peanut and Bacon Burger (NT$230)

Patio Patio

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