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Healthy soy-based dining in Taichung--Mutong Douhua (soybean pudding), Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu, Daiji Stinky Tofu, Wonderful Soybean World

By Uvia Chang
Translated by Angel Pu


Mutong Douhua (soybean pudding)

Mutong Douhua (soybean pudding)

Mutong Douhua (soybean pudding)

527, WuQuan W Rd, Sec 2, Nantun District; (04) 2381-8527
Hours: Mon-Sat 1:30-6 pm
Chinese only.
Credit cards not accepted.

Anyone exiting the freeway at the WuQuan West Road interchange will probably notice a lot of people standing at one side of the road, eating "douhua" soybean pudding together with "shaobing" (traditional baked, layered flatbread with sesame on top). The soft Douhua (NT$30) here is made with non-GM soybeans and eaten with a syrup made of brown and black sugars, plus boiled peanuts or pearl tapioca balls. On cold winter days, you can also add some ginger syrup to warm yourself up.


Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu

Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu
The "Lou Wei" (Chinese soy
sauce stew) contains various
soybean products that you
can select yourself (NT$15-25).

Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu
On the right is handmade tofu
produced with traditional
methods, and a firm, smooth
texture that absorbs soup
stock in hot pots. As you eat
it, the stock absorbed within
the tofu spreads throughout
your mouth.

Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu

376, LiaoNing Rd, Beitun District
(next to Yidianli Afternoon Market) 0929-820-866/0982-606-999
Hours: 2:30-7:30 pm
Chinese only.
Credit cards not accepted.

Owner Mr. Liu's family was a tofu manufacturer on Mazu island and today's third-generation owner now runs this store on a corner of the Yidianli Afternoon Market. Here there is a machine that makes fresh soybean milk every afternoon, squeezing it from boiling soybeans in a process customers can watch for themselves. Daily quantities of the handmade tofu are limited. Liu's younger sister also runs another tofu deli at 176, ChongDe 2nd Road., Section 2 (04-2247-6009). Besides rice and noodles, the most popular item it offers is Spicy Duck Blood Stinky Tofu (NT$70/large, NT$50/small), made of homemade spicy sauce, butter and stinky tofu that has been fermented for over 15 days. The smooth tofu absorbs the spicy sauce and is very delicious.

Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu
Left: You can find almost any soybean product here, including dried bean curd, "Doubao" tofu pockets and soybean sausages.
Right: This place also offers Tofu Skins (bean curd sheet), made from a film that forms at the top of boiling soybean milk.

Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu Mazu Traditional Handmade Tofu
The traditional process of squeezing soybans is shown here.


Daiji Stinky Tofu
This soup might look ordinary,
but it's actually very fragrant
and delicious.

Daiji Stinky Tofu

(04) 2203-9010
167, WuChang St, North District
Hours: 11 am-1:30 pm, 5-8 pm
Chinese only.
Credit cards not accepted.

If you are a vegetarian, you will definitely like Daiji's stinky tofu, which is fermented with various Chinese herbs, vegetables and brine. Every tofu piece has Daiji's trademark on it. According to the owner, the stinky tofu can be eaten uncooked, because it contains probiotics that prevent you from experiencing stomach discomfort. Various dishes made of stinky tofu here include Spicy/Stewed Hot Pot (NT$30-60), Stir-Fried Vegetables with Stinky Tofu (NT$70), Sour and Spicy Noodles with Stinky Tofu, Stewed Noodles (both NT$80), and Signature Fried Stinky Tofu (NT$50). The smooth, soft tofu has a crispy skin filled with stock that spreads in your mouth, and it goes great with crispy kimchi or a sauce made of rice vinegar and mashed Chinese radishes. There aren't many employees here, so please be patient after you order.

Daiji Stinky Tofu Daiji Stinky Tofu
Left: The store's special mark is the guarantee of great quality.
Right: Fried Stinky Tofu (pictured, front) and Stir-Fried Celery and Cabbage with Stinky Tofu are appetizing dishes that combine the freshness of vegetables with unique stinky tofu flavors.


Wonderful Soybean World
The bread for the Thai Smoked
Chicken Burger (NT$40) is
made from soybeans and goes
well with the smoked chicken
and homemade sauce inside.

Wonderful Soybean World
The little Soybean Brulee
(NT$35) has a fragrant aroma
and tastes even better with
homemade, artificial-flavoring-
free blueberry sauce.

Wonderful Soybean World

363, FuXing Rd, Xitun District
(04) 2452-9178
Hours: 4 pm-12 am
English/Chinese menu
Credit cards not accepted.

The owner here has worked in the soybean-products industry for over 20 years, so he's a real expert. To help Westerners better understand the benefits of eating soybeans, he has developed some soybean variations on Western foods, such as soybean fries, a soybean hamburger and soybean pizza. These very nutritious, fiber-rich treats are ideal for anyone looking to slim down and look fit.

Wonderful Soybean World Wonderful Soybean World
Left: Soybean Fries (NT$40) taste like crispy fried tofu. These creative, low-fat snacks come with three different homemade sauces.
Iced Green Tea with Agar and Soybean Jelly (NT$35) and Wonderful Chips (NT$50) are also available.


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