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Burger Joint 7 'fen' So

Burger Joint 7 'fen' So
Home Run Jumbo Burger

Burger Joint 7 'fen' So
Bacon Blacken Cajun Chicken
Sandwich (NT$230)

Brunch among big hits at Burger Joint

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angel Pu

410, HuaMei St, West Dist.
(04) 2326-7339
9 am-2 pm, 5:30-9 pm; 六/日Sat/Sun 9 am-9 pm
English/Chinese menu
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge.

Taiwan has certainly seen a recent burger craze of sorts, with eateries offering all kinds of mostly-huge burgers popping up across the landscape. In Taichung, however, one place continues to make an unusually big impression on all kinds of foreign and Taiwanese customers, not with its patty sizes, but with a broad range of authentic, delicious all-American food.

The passage of exactly one year since Burger Joint 7 "fen" So's opening has done nothing to reduce its popularity which, if anything, has grown even more, thanks to a stream of tasty new selections. The latest hit are the seven daily mostly American-style brunch options (served till noon), that business partners Allen Wang and Jeff Hung have created, utilizing their deep kitchen know-how.

Wang says that the American Pancake Breakfast (NT$200) and Omelet (NT$170-360) are most popular. The former features two big pancakes made from scratch, dusted with powdered sugar and served with maple syrup; a choice of very cripsy bacon or sausage; scrambled eggs (made with certified organic eggs); sauteed potatoes; juice; and a tea, soup or refillable coffee. As this writer will testify, it's easy to snarf down this cornucopia of comfort food without pause, stopping only when one is staring at a clean plate, sipping on some coffee. The omelet variations are similarly delectable and filling, as are other choices, from the Classic French Toast (NT$200) to the Classic Bagel Meal with Veggies (NT$160) for less carnivorous customers.

Brunch aside, Burger Joint has plenty of other diner favorites, starting with its trademark Extra Cheese Burger (NT$220) and Philly Cheese Steak Sub (NT$240). Both are generously topped by creamy melted cheddar cheese, and the burgers all feature handmade buns and meat patties. The other non-food item that draws rave reviews are the exceptionally thick, creamy Classic Milkshakes, made American-style in a tall metal cup and shake mixer with no ice, just milk and ice cream. Among nine choices favorites remain the Oreo, and Banana Chocolate Chip shakes.

True to their reputation, Wang and Hung have continued adding other items that have gained a following, like the Bacon Blackened Cajun Chicken Sandwich (NT$230), tofu-based Veggie Burger (NT$170), twin-patty, 10-ounce Home Run Jumbo Burger (NT$380), and Buffalo Wings appetizer. Steaks and Herb Chicken main courses have also been added, and there are weekday NT$160 lunch sets.

Burger Joint 7 'fen' So Burger Joint 7 'fen' So
Left: American Pancake Breakfast (NT$200)
Right: Classic Bagel Meal with Veggie (NT$160)

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