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Dining your way through Taichung's newest mall--MS Japanese Tea, Oden Bar, The Sweet Dynasty, Aqua Pica Shabu Shabu Hotpot, Big Mama Restaurant, N.Y. Bagels Cafe

By Uvia Chang
Translated by Angel Pu

Park Lane by Splendor

(04) 2319-8000
1049, JianXing Rd, West District
Hours: weekdays 11 am-10 pm,
holidays 10:30 am-10 pm
Parking: 1 free hour per NT$500 spent at Park Lane; over NT$5,000 of purchases provides a max. 6 hours of parking

One of Taichung's newest shopping/dining venues, Park Lane by Splendor, offers a variety of enjoyable options to visitors, including a wide range of full-sized, popular restaurants and cafes like Gorgeous Party, Goodwell Cheese House, Lanna Thai Restaurant, Chun Shui Tang, and Quattro. Below are some other good options in this attractive mall.


MS Japanese Tea (B1)

(04) 2310-1502

In order to offer a variety of high-quality maccha (matcha) Japanese green tea drinks and desserts, the owner only uses fresh Morihan tea products from Uji, Japan.

A. MS Desserts (NT$130/3 pieces). This Japanese-style macaron has a crispy shell and is soft inside, fulled with macha whipped cream.

B. Hojicha Sesame Latte (NT$130). Hojicha is actually tea roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. This combination of aromatic tea, sesame and milk is delicious and smooth. The soft, smooth Maccha Pudding (NT$130) is topped with black soy beans and whipped cream.

MS Japanese TeaA.  MS Japanese TeaB.


Oden Bar (4F)

(04) 3700-4855

A. Pictured are assorted oden choices, including Apple Oden, Fried Tofu and Vegetables, Radish Oden, Codfish Tofu, Chikuwa (Japanese tube-like fish product), Cheese Balls, and Fish Roe in Bean Curd (NT$30-45). The stock--made of vegetables, seaweed, dried fish and fruit--is very fresh and delicious. Grilled Chicken Leg (NT$90/2 skewers); Grilled Japanese Sea Snail (NT$55); Grilled Meitaiko Chicken Balls (NT$90/2 skewers)

B. Oden Bar's black-and-red interior color scheme, together with drum-like tables, make this a uniquely stylish Japanese dining spot.

Oden BarA. 太鼓判B.


The Sweet Dynasty (3F)

(04) 3700-4255

Originating from Hong Kong, The Sweet Dynasty is famous for its Wood Bucket Tohua (sweet bean curd) and has attracted many celebrities and government officials to its outlets since 1991.

A. Deep Fried Crispy Chicken (NT$220) has a golden, glistening and crispy skin and juicy, tender meat.

B. The restaurant's most popular item, Wood Bucket Tohua (NT$220), has a silky-smooth flavor that spreads a refreshing soybean aroma inside your mouth.

The Sweet DynastyA. The Sweet DynastyB.


Aqua Pica Shabu Shabu Hotpot (3F)

(04) 2319-9088

This hotpot restaurant offers various single-person hotpots with flavors including spicy, Japanese-style, and vegetarian. The fancy, full Seafood Hotpot for Two People (NT$2,980) contains ingredients such as king crab, fresh oysters and scallops. Every set includes appetizers, vegetables, an entree, rice, an egg, and vinegar drink.

A. Every Aqua Pica hotpot flavor is only seasoned with sea salt. The Apple Milk Hotpot (NT$360 includes pork, beef, or chicken; add additional NT$30 for seafood) stock is made with milk and vegetables, and goes surprisingly well with the ingredients dipped in fresh apple vinegar.

B. The stock of the Boston Lobster Head Hotpot (NT$560) is cooked with lobster heads, and the aromatic broth makes every ingredient, beef or seafood, even more savory.

C. The interior decor reflects this restaurant's name--a combination of "water" and "Picasso"--with a novel mix of bubbling-water walls, oil paintings and colorful sculptures.

Aqua Pica Shabu Shabu HotpotA. Aqua Pica Shabu Shabu HotpotB.  Aqua Pica Shabu Shabu HotpotC.


Big Mama Restaurant (3F)

(04) 2326-6193

Big Mama Steak Restaurant hopes every diner will take the time to enjoy an exquisite meal in its comfortable dining area.

A. To properly savor the Garlic Roasted U.S. Rib Eye Steak (set NT$690, a la carte NT$450), the restaurant recommends flavoring it only with either Hawaiian Black Salt, Rose Salt, homemade pepper sauce, or garlic sauce. Every set includes appetizers, bread, soup, salad, an entree, drink and dessert.

B. Seafood Consomme contains fresh cuttlefish, shrimp, squid and crab.

Big Mama Restaurant A.  Big Mama Restaurant B.


N.Y. Bagels Cafe (2F)

(04) 2326-8708

This American-style restaurant is very popular for its New York-style bagels, burgers, sandwiches and brunch options. The firmly-textured bagels come in six flavors (NT$58 each) with five flavors of cheese toppings (NT$50 each). The tasty brunches and cold/hot drinks--including teas and shakes--are available all day.

A. Spinach Eggs Benedict Breakfast Set (NT$285); Junior's Cheesecake (with any entrees for an extra NT$88); Westchester Steak Sandwich (NT$285)

B. Hell's Jambalaya Specialty Sauce/ Linguine (NT$250)

C. Strawberry Heaven Pudding Toast (NT$360)

N.Y. Bagels CafeA.  N.Y. Bagels CafeB. N.Y. Bagels CafeC.


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