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Ursula's Salmon Spaghetti

Andersen Stories: Fairytale dining fun for all ages

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angel Pu

112, WuQuan West 4th St, West Dist.; (04) 2372-3372
11:30 am-10 pm (last order 9 pm)
English menu
NT$130 minimum charge/person.
Credit cards are accepted.
10% service charge.

From its name to its colorful storybook appearance, there's little doubt who some of Andersen Stories' target customers are. In fact, its staff readily admits that if you're looking for a refined dining space free of children, you'd be better off going somewhere else. That being said, the restaurant attracts a broad range of diners, particularly the high school/university student crowd and young women drawn by its pleasingly whimsical charm, not to mention a menu of decent, reasonably-priced Western fare and drinks.

The sizable two-floor, 120-seat Art Museum Parkway restaurant has been open for five years now, but recently closed for an extensive two-month renovation and relaunch, with new menu items added to previous favorites. Walk inside and you'll be immediately struck by the playful atmosphere that kids will go gaga over. The upstairs in particular features lots of colors, a mermaid mural, candy-striped air-con pipes, big toy solders, plenty of stuffed animals, figurines, cute tablemats and lots of cozy cubicle-style seating.

Open the menu (English version coming soon) and you'll quickly notice that every entree name is an allusion to a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. Among the 17 pasta and nine risotto choices, new favorites include Ursula's Salmon Spaghetti (NT$290), with many big, tender chunks of salmon in a tomato cream sauce, and Little Karen's Red Shoes Chicken Spaghetti (NT$270) with chicken-thigh meat and the same tomato cream sauce. Risotto options include the Lucky Bell Seafood Risotto (NT$290), featuring a basil cream sauce.

An non-pasta favorite is the Little Mermaid Fresh Fish Bowl, a unique seafood stew served with rice and flat bread. For couples, there's the big, two-person Pirate Big Meal (NT$790), including a salad, two beef/pork burger patties, a cheese-topped chicken cutlet, two clams, three sausage skewers, fries, and a big bowl of Tomato Seafood Soup. And, of course, there are kids' meals with one new entree being the Uncle White Beard Sausage Cream Penne (NT$270), served with fries and a cream mustard dipping sauce.

Andersen Stories is certainly a fun, creative dining spot that aims to please little kids and big kids alike.

安徒生童話鄉村廚 安徒生童話鄉村廚

安徒生童話鄉村廚 安徒生童話鄉村廚
Left: Uncle White Beard Sausage Cream Penne (NT$270)
Right: Pirate Big Meal (NT$790)

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