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A taste of traditional Taichung neighborhood eateries--Mien Mien Mien, E-rou Chen (Chen's Goose Restaurant), Songzhu Road Luwei, Xian Dai Organic Vegetarian Restaurant

By Niang Chen and Uvia Chang
Translated by Angel Pu

Mien Mien Mien

Mien Mien Mien

243, DuXing Rd, North Dist. (corner with WenHua Rd); 0937-700-421
Hours: 4:30-11:30 pm
(closed Tuesdays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

This place may open at 4:30 p.m., but people are already standing outside at 4. Now in business for over 30 years and operated by second-generation owners, Mien Mien Mien's secret to its success is probably its simple, but smooth, noodle flavors. A sauce made of pork lard and dried fried chopped red onions is the only topping and reminds people of the good old days.

A: Staff member Miss Su not only chops really fast but also has a great memory, never forgetting diners' orders no matter how busy this place is.

B: Noodles with Wonton Dumplings (NT$40) is one of the most popular dishes. Various "luwei" items include seaweed, tofu, marinated eggs (NT$10-20) and pork tendons (NT$40).

C: Many patrons like to order hot Seasame Sauce Noodles (NT$40) with side dishes like vegetarian chicken, pork blood cake, and peanuts (NT$15-20). Mien Mien Mien provides nothing but authentic. traditional Taiwanese flavors here.

Mien Mien MienB. Mien Mien MienC.


E-rou Chen (Chen's Goose Restaurant)

E-rou Chen (Chen's Goose Restaurant)

72-55, ZhongQing Rd, Beitun Dist. (next to Ziwei Temple entrance)
(04) 2292-1563
Hours: 4:30 pm-12 am
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Kuronosio restaurant owner Chen not only runs that high-quality seafood eatery on MeiCun Road, but also operates this place, which offers a friendly atmosphere and delicious noodle and duck dishes. The freshly-made noodles go very well with the sauce, made of lard and fried red onions. The simple but delicious food has already attracted many patrons.

A: E-rou Chen on ZhongQing Road is one of the oldest, most iconic eateries in Taichung.

B: Diners usually enjoy the noodles (NT$35) with side dishes such as pork scalp (NT$40), finely sliced seaweed, marinated eggs and dried bean curd (NT$10-20), together with a handful of chopped green onions and some white sesame oil.

C: Besides regular noodles, there are is fragrant, delicious Sesame Sauce Noodles (NT$40). The restaurant's most popular goose dishes include Sliced Goose Meat (NT$20/50 grams), Goose Gizzard (NT$80) and Goose Livers (NT$50), which all go well with homemade minced garlic sauce and spicy vinegar sauce.

E-rou Chen (Chen's Goose Restaurant)B. E-rou Chen (Chen's Goose Restaurant)C.


Songzhu Road Luwei

Songzhu Road Luwei

123, SongZhu Rd, Sec 2, Beitung Dist.
Hours: 4:30 pm-2 am
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Each day, especially in the evening, housewife customers can be seen ordering this eatery's specialty "luwei" Chinese herb-marinated dishes to take home for dinner. Other customers include doctors and staff from a nearby hospital who also stop in for delicious Minced Pork Rice and hot soup. Despite the small size of this place, its food has clearly won diners over.

A: Owner Mr. Lai has been in business here for over 20 years. Younger members of his family now help keep things going with the same traditional flavors.

B: The handmade Minced Pork Rice (NT$20) is flavorful and quite addictive. Yellow Noodles (NT$30) contains Chinese yellow wheat noodles, meat sauce and fresh bean sprouts and leeks.

C: Various "luwei" items include pork large Intestine (NT$50), bean curd sheets (NT$5/each), tofu (NT$10/piece) and seaweed (NT$5). After customers make their selections, they hand them to the staff, who reheat and slice them up.

Songzhu Road LuweiB. Songzhu Road LuweiC.


Xian Dai Organic Vegetarian Restaurant

Xian Dai Organic Vegetarian Restaurant

5-2, Lane 283, ZhongGang (Taichung Port) Rd, West Dist.
(04) 2320-9967
Hours: 11:30 am-8 pm
(closed Sundays)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Owner Miss Chiang, a volunteer for the TzuChi Buddhist organization for almost 30 years, has for the past 14 years promoted the idea that vegetarian food is good for health and the environment. "A lot of our diners are young people," she notes, explaining that a growing number of younger customers are eating vegetarian food not only because of religion, but also for health and environmental reasons. Some diners are here daily, simply for the reasonably-priced, delicious food, including noodles, soup and curry rice.

A: The handmade sauce in Sesame Sauce Noodles (NT$40) is creamy and smooth. Wuxing Fuhui Soup, the most popular dish here, contains various vegetables including carrots, white radishes, golden needle mushrooms, jelly ear mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms and konjac.

B: Xian Dai provides all kinds of seasonal vegetable stir-fries. A set of four dishes, a soup and rice costs only NT$70.

C: A corner of the restaurant is shown here.

Xian Dai Organic Vegetarian RestaurantB. Xian Dai Organic Vegetarian RestaurantC.


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