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Is Kitchen

Is Kitchen converts local produce into tasty Italian fare

By Ann Li
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos by Clock Wang

109, FengXi St, Fengyuan Dist.
(04) 2527-9586
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 6-9 pm
English menu
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Located in Fengyuan district, Is Kitchen mainly offers pasta and risotto made of fresh, high-quality ingredients hand-picked by Chef Jamie Lin, who specializes in Western cuisine and has worked in many high-end restaurants. Chef Lin also puts his experience to good use in creatively localizing the flavors of his cuisine. The restaurant owns a little herb garden that provides ingredients and seasonings for many items here, from the garlic paste for the bread to the rosemary and other herbs used in the salad. Even the salad dressing is handmade.

Every pasta entree on the menu comes with one of three sauces here--tomato sauce, bechamel sauce, or pesto sauce--and for NT$80 extra can be upgraded to a set meal that includes salad, soup, bread and handmade dessert. According to the chef, the key to making authentic Italian country-style cuisine is to only use seasonal and local ingredients. His experience certainly helps him accomplish this, as he creates delicious Italian dishes that are welcomed by Taiwanese diners.


Is Kitchen Chef Lin is not only good at making delicious pasta, but is also a famous ice sculptor who has been interviewed by TV stations and magazines. He's pictured here with Spaghetti in Seafood (NT$270), made with fresh, high-quality seafood.
Is Kitchen The special kind of rice used in the Beef and Vegetable Risotto with Tomato and Chili Sauce (NT$260) contains less water, allowing it to absorb the goodness of the sauce while remaining deliciously chewy.
Is Kitchen The sauce for the Taiwanese Style Three-Cups-Chicken Pasta (NT$240) creatively combines Taiwanese-style sauce, Italian cooking techniques and Parmesan cheese.

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