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Jing Jaw Shiuan
The restaurant's stylish purple
interior creates a rich, luxuriant
atmosphere. Private rooms
must be booked in advance.

Jing Jaw Shiuan: Traditional and non-traditional Cantonese dining at its best

By Javier Siles
Translated by Angel Pu

306, HouZhuang Rd, Beitun Dist. (Maison De Chine hotel)
(04) 2425-5678, ext. 3051
Hours: lunch 11:30 am-2 pm, dinner 5:30-9 pm
English menu
Wireless Internet
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking available.

Maison De Chine hotel is rightfully proud of its Jing Jaw Shiuan Cantonese-Style Restaurant, located on the second floor and open daily for lunch and dinner. The chef here has over 15 years experience with Cantonese cuisine and usually uses less oil and salt by comparison with other chefs and restaurants, although his dishes remain fully authentic and delicious.

The restaurant offers all kinds of set meals (NT$590 and up) that include dishes such as smoked duck, harsma soup, fish tarts, abalone, and seafood casserole. There are also creative a la carte entrees like Buddha's Casserole, sea urchin, Cantonese-style fried rice, casseroles, and seasonal vegetables. Table set menus selections are also available here.

The elegant, relaxing environment provides a nice setting to enjoy business lunch sets (NT$380, available Mon.-Thu.) or small-group meals (3-4 people) with dishes such as the Braised Beef with Spicy Sauce in Casserole (NT$220), prepared with the chef's personal recipe. Presentation is also carefully planned, resulting in attractive, colorful dishes.
Three private rooms holding 10 to 20 people and named after ancient Chinese poets are available, and management insists on offering excellent, hotel-grade service. Alcoholic drinks, with Johnnie Walker 12-year-old whiskey (NT$1,800), Falencia Red Wine (NT$600) and Taiwan Beer (NT$150) among the available options.


Jing Jaw Shiuan Shredded Chicken and Clear Noodles with Sesame-Seed Sauce (NT$160) is a delicious, refreshing cold dish that includes chewy Chinese vermicelli.
Jing Jaw Shiuan Deep Fried Crab (NT$260) contains flavorful, crispy, freshly-fried garlic and goes well with some beers.
Jing Jaw Shiuan Fried Fish Floss with Cookies is one set-meal entree. The cookies are handmade and contains nuts.
Jing Jaw Shiuan Eight-course set meal.

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