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Old house, new dining style--Bloody Sonsy Moss, Four Residence, Sorrow and Joyful Times Cultural Teahouse, Giocoso pasta/afternoon tea/ coffee

Translated by Angel Pu

Bloody Sonsy Moss

Bloody Sonsy Moss

(04) 2225-7297
7, Lane 75, TaiPing Rd, North Dist.
NT$150/person minimum charge.
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Located near the bustling YiZhong Street shopping area, this quaint, Japanese-style house has the rather unique moniker of Bloody Sonsy Moss and provides many kinds of pasta and risotto dishes plus cocktails. From the garden-area trees and lawn to the comfy old sofa inside, this establishment exudes a unique, private-dining ambiance that allows customers to savor a moment of dining solitude. --By Niang Chen

A: Made with rum-soaked pears, the Pear Pie (NT$130) has a firm texture. The refreshing, fruity Apple Assam Tea (NT$180) contains apples, lemon juice, chestnuts, grape jam and Assam tea.

B: It's quite hard to believe that this place isn't far from busy YiZhong Street. And at night it's even more attractive.

C: The spicy Wine Vinegar Pasta with Chicken Legs (NT$260) is an appetizing stir-fried dish.

Bloody Sonsy MossB. Bloody Sonsy MossC.


Four Residence

Four Residence

4, Alley 54, Lane 492, XiTun Rd, Sec 1, North Dist.
(04) 2208-0408
Hours: 3 pm-3 am
Reservations required. Lunch must be required a day in advance.
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

This coffee shop/eatery/bar is located in an old house over 40 years old. A remodeling by the owner has given it a vintage, relaxing atmosphere that feels like a personal home. Four Residence offers reasonably-priced dishes, coffees and cocktails, from the Gold Top Mandheling (NT$120) and Cocoa and Banana Latte (NT$110) to the Long Island Iced Tea (NT$300) and Screwdriver (NT$150). --By Ruby Wu

A: Some old cameras and vintage decorations are displayed in one of the corners.

B: Both lunches and dinners are available here. The owner provides traditional Taiwanese dishes that were common in military dependents' villages, including Mapo Tofu, Braised Yellow Croaker, Stir-Fried Squid with Cauliflower, and Spareribs Soup with Sponge Cucumber . There is no menu and every meal includes at least 3 dishes, one soup and rice (NT$200/person). Call to reserve in advance or let the owner know about any food preferences.

C: The comfy sofa, subdued lighting and smooth music are very relaxing.

Four ResidenceB. Four ResidenceC.


Sorrow and Joyful Times Cultural Teahouse

Sorrow and Joyful Times Cultural Teahouse

29, DaQuan St, West Dist. (corner of LinShen Rd); (04) 2371-1984
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
English menu
NT$250/person minimum charge.
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

This old teahouse is very famous in Taichung and attracts many Japanese and Western tourists, who visit to enjoy a good cup of tea and the cultural atmosphere. Built in 1924, this small Japanese-style house doesn't look like a 90-year-old building today. Most of its beams and pillars are made of Chinese cypress, perhaps a reason it's so well-preserved, and owner Mr. Wu cares for the building well in order to leave this beautiful historic structure for future generations. When you enter and sit on a tatami mat, you can observe the beautiful pond and antique wooden window frames that make everything feel a bit timeless. All this is best savored with oolong tea and some snacks. --By Uvia Chang

A: Any tea can be upgraded to a set with an entree (chicken/pork/fish) for NT$100 or NT$150 more. Pictured is the Grilled Eel Rice, to which NT$80 can be added for Tea-flavored Chinese Angel Hair.

B: This "zen-style" teahouse provides iced and hot tea drinks (all NT$250) with one snack.

C: Order a cup of high-quality tea (including Yunnan Pu-erh, High Mountain Oolong and Biluochun Green Tea) and enjoy the teahouse’s vintage atmosphere.

Sorrow and Joyful Times Cultural TeahouseB. Sorrow and Joyful Times Cultural TeahouseC.


Giocoso pasta/afternoon tea/ coffee

Giocoso pasta/afternoon tea/ coffee

1, JingCheng 6th St, West Dist.
(04) 2329-7091
Hours: 11 am-10 pm, Afternoon tea2-5 pm
English menu
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Remodeled from an old Western-style house, Giocoso—meaning "playful and vivid" in Italian—is run by young chef Jazz Chuang, who hopes that all diners will experience the restaurant's passionate, diverse atmosphere. Spacious seats, colorful murals and cute doll ornaments mean that many young people love to chat and kill time here. Giocoso mainly provides risotto and pasta made of Italian durum wheat that goes well with the restaurant's creamy, smooth sauces, available as pesto, tomato or cream based (stir-fried is also available). Any entree can be upgraded to a set meal with soup and black/green tea for NT$70. For afternoon tea, there are all kinds of waffles, cakes, coffee and soft drinks. --By Uvia Chang

A: The restaurant's second floor has comfortable sofa seats.

B: Made with clams, cuttlefish ink, fresh cuttlefish, mushrooms and Gouda cheese, the Black Cuttlefish Risotto is a very flavorful seafood entree.

C: The authentic, delicious Butter Smoked Chicken (NT$190) contains stir-fried chopped chicken, smoked chicken and onions with high-quality imported cream.

Giocoso pasta/afternoon tea/ coffeeB. Giocoso pasta/afternoon tea/ coffeeC.


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