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Dongshi Mountain Town Cuisine--Bloody Sonsy Moss, Fulishe (Canteen) Eatery, Binyuan Mountain Cuisine Shop, Niou Jia Juang

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu and Sho Huang

Yellow Beef Dumpling Eatery

Yellow Beef Dumpling Eatery

157, DiYiHeng St, Dongshi Dist.
(04) 2587-6921
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-8:30 pm (sometimes closed on Tue)
Cash only.
No service charge.

Yellow Beef Dumpling offers classic Hakka home-style dishes made with salted eggs, Chinese basil, bitter melon, and pork large intestines. These traditional ingredients are all transformed into delicious entrees, thanks to owner Mr. Chen's excellent culinary skills.

A: Fern Salad with Vinegar (NT$80) features chilled Guomao ferns and a homemade sour dressing. To enjoy Beef Soup (NT$100) Dongshi style, sprinkle on some Chinese basil and a couple of drops of rice vinegar and savor this authentic, slightly-sour local delicacy. Salted Eggs and Tofu (NT$120) contains stir-fried chive buds and is one of the most popular dishes here.

B: The owner has created many dishes that demonstrate his skills and commitment to cooking.

C: Made with cucumbers and beef belly, with plenty of chopped green onions and a spicy oil made from various chilies, Spicy Beef Belly (NT$200) is a spicy, appetizing dish. The beef in Stir-Fried Beef with Bitter Melon (NT$170) is fresh and tender.

Yellow Beef Dumpling EateryB. Yellow Beef Dumpling EateryC.


Fulishe (Canteen) Eatery

Fulishe (Canteen) Eatery

629-3, DongGuan Rd, Dongshi Dist. (opposite Dongshi Vocational School)
(04) 2588-0551
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 4:30-8:30 pm (closed Fridays)
No service charge.

Despite its rather remote location, Fulishe's very experienced, Chef Hsu--a Hakka native of Dongshi himself--ensures his diners enjoy cuisine as delicious as high-end hotel fare. From simple dishes (NT$30 and up) like Noodles with Minced Pork to feast-like table set-menu meals (NT$3,000/table), Fulishe has it all.

A: 'Cellophane' Noodles with Taro (NT$50) feature very creamy, smooth taro that complements the noodles. The Signature Dish (NT$100) is the most appetizing dish from chef Hsu's childhood. This traditional Hakka stir-fried creation contains lard, dried white radishes, peanuts and chilies. Also pictured is Pork Large Intestine with Shredded Ginger (NT$100).

B: Hsu's authentic Hakka dishes are traditional, nostalgic reminders for Taiwanese customers.

C: Fish Head Casserole (NT$500) is made with deep-fried wild Silver Carp heads, fresh oysters, squid, cuttlefish, clams, shrimp, pork livers, lean meat, cabbage and carrots, plus Shacha sauce and a lot of shredded green onions. Also pictured is Steamed Pork with Pickled Mustard Cabbage (NT$150).

Fulishe (Canteen) EateryB. Fulishe (Canteen) EateryC.


Binyuan Mountain Cuisine Shop

Binyuan Mountain Cuisine Shop

(04) 2577-0124
178, ShiCheng Rd, Dongshi Dist. (opposite Shicheng Elementary School)
11:30 am-2 pm, 5-8:30 pm (closed 2nd, 4th Mondays each month)
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking available.

The long menu at this popular eatery includes fare prepared with beef, fresh mountain ingredients and seafood, plus distinctive Hakka dishes. All kinds of noodle, rice and soup items start from NT$50 and stir-fried dishes are NT$100-400.

A: Roast Beef Stew (NT$350) features fresh onions, tomatoes, carrots and turnips, seasoned with black bean soy sauce and served with plenty of lush shallots. Peppered Bee Larvae (NT$400), deep-fried with basil leaves and garlic and sprinkled with pepper, is great with liquor.

B: Take ZhuoLan Road--connecting Dongshi and Zhuolan townships--toward Shigang and along the stone-paved road you'll see Binyuan standing in the middle of the fields.

C: Ox Marrow (NT$150/200), stir-fried with onions and shredded ginger, has a buttery tofu texture. Sour Intestines (NT$150) is an authentic Hakka dish first blanched and then fried with shallots, ginger and pineapple. Fried Vegetables and Beef ( NT$150) is a simple but tasty dish fried with rice liquor to accentuate flavors.

Binyuan Mountain Cuisine ShopB. Binyuan Mountain Cuisine ShopC.


Niou Jia Juang

Niou Jia Juang

7, XinFeng St, Dongshi Dist.
(04) 2587-3488, (04) 2588-7753
Hours: 11 am-8 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking available.

Founded in 1960, Niou Jia Juuang is famed for offering both delicious traditional and innovative Hakka cuisine that attracts customers from many other districts. The Beef Banquet, prepared from various parts of an ox, is NT$3,500, as are other banquets composed of beef and Hakka dishes. Rice and noodle dishes start from NT$60 while stir-fried and cold dishes are NT$120-500.

A: This restaurant's conspicuous sign has greeted customers like old friends for 50 years.

B: Cold Ox Stomach Dish (NT$250) is a signature meal, made from the section connecting an ox's two stomachs. Hakka Oil Chicken (NT$300) features chicken first boiled, then sliced and mixed with ginger, garlic and vinegar for a novel flavor and texture.

C: Roast Ox Tail (NT$250) has many kinds of Chinese medicinal herbs, is rich in collagen and nutritious. Fried Ox Mixed Bits (NT$250) is seasoned with soy sauce, spicy oil, white vinegar and basil leaves for a salty, sour flavor.

Niou Jia JuangB. Niou Jia JuangC.


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