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Ge Bie Wu

Ge Bie Wu
Macarons and a cupcake are
pictured here with a Rose
Vinegar drink (NT$90).

Ge Bie Wu
Ge Bie Wu uses tasty "blue"
eggs laid by vegetable-eating

Curry, macarons and more at Ge Bie Wu

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by Angel Pu

42-5, WuQuan W. 2nd St., West Dist.
(04) 2375-5922
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5-8 pm (closed Sunday/Monday dinners)
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Ge Bie Wu restaurant's English signage notes "Curry Macaron Cupcakes", which may sound quite bizarre, until one realizes that it refers to three separate specialties that this very cute-looking little eatery and its friendly husband-wife owners offer. As Ms. Chuang notes, the menu highlights come from the fact that her husband Mr. You especially enjoys cooking curries while she likes desserts.

The couple opened Ge Bie Wu over three years ago, when it was the first restaurant on WuQuan West 2nd Street, facing a greenbelt one block over from and parallel to Taichung's well-known Art Museum Parkway. With bright yellow walls, wooden floors, shelves and displays laden with quaint-looking knickknacks, open-air seating area and relaxing chill-out music, the two-floor establishment is a warm, welcoming oasis.

Its appeal is heightened by the tasty, filling and reasonably-priced, mostly-Western lunch/dinner fare on offer, including eight curry main entrees. Miss Chuang notes the curry sauce here is very unique, stewed for two days and made with apples and onions that give it a very savory, sweet flavor that is more European than Oriental. Most curry entrees are also served with a rich, soft egg topping, made from blueish-colored eggs laid by vegetable-eating chickens on a relative's Changhua farm.

Other main courses include items like Herb and Tomato Stewed Beef (NT$180), plus five pasta entrees like Smoked Chicken and Cream Sauce. All entrees (NT$180-390) can be upgraded to "A", "B" or "C" set meals for NT$60, NT$90 and NT$110, respectively, with soup, salad and other extras.

Customers also shouldn't forget that macarons and cupcakes are the two other big items here. Macarons (NT$30/small, NT$50/large) are available in about five flavors, including the popular Rose-Raspberry and Peach-Orange. The NT$50 cupcakes, all made with a chocolate/brownie-type base, are also enticingly decorated.

Ge Bie Wu Ge Bie Wu
Left: Ge Bie Wu uses tasty "blue" eggs laid by vegetable-eating chickens.
Right: The owners' cat, Mego, often can be seen, roaming the premises.

Ge Bie Wu Ge Bie Wu
Left: on-curry selection Double Sauce & Herbs Roasted Chicken (NT$240) shown here as an "A" set with soup and salad.
Right: Three popular curries, all topped with eggs, are the pictured Shrimp (NT$280), Beef (NT$240), and Sausage (NT$180) varieties.

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