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Where healthy ingredients and delicious flavors co-exist--Tamarind Ecological Farm, Kuo's Healthy Cuisine, Meimen Restaurant, Shine Long

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu and Sho Huang

Tamarind Ecological Farm

Tamarind Ecological Farm

6-7, GangXian Lane, WanXian St, Shigang Dist.; 0910-495-155
Hours: Sat & Sun 10 am-8 pm; weekdays by appointment only
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking available.

The healthy cuisine at this lush farm may be enjoyed with some unexpected friends—from butterflies, dragonflies and frogs to ducks, chickens and rabbits—just outside the window. Afterwards, take a walk in the woods, breathing in fresh tree scents. Seasonal fruit planted on the farm, including mandarin oranges, grapes and persimmons, are also served.

A: This near-transparent cabin has a pool and many trees that help refresh and excite guests.

B: The slightly-spicy, sour Bird's Nest Fern with Plums (NT$150) contains baby bird's nest fern and pickled spicy plums. The colorful, stir-fried Cinnamon Leaves with Bell Peppers and Mushrooms (NT$200) has farm-grown ingredients. The Healthy Chicken Leg is NT$250.

C: The tender, juicy Roast Pork Short Ribs with Tamarind's (NT$300) uniquely-sour tamarind sauce balances the oily pork. The savory Seafood and Pumpkin Gratin (NT$350) uses a pumpkin as a container for squid, octopus, shrimp and pumpkin pulp. Chicken Stew with Moraceae is NT$300.

Tamarind Ecological FarmB. Tamarind Ecological FarmC.


Kuo's Healthy Cuisine

Kuo's Healthy Cuisine

(04) 2251-3521
111, Taichung Port Rd, Sec 2, 12F, Xitun Dist. (Mitsukoshi Dept. Store)
Hours: 11 am-10 pm
30-minute free parking for bills over NT$500.
No service charge.
Credit crads accepted.

Growing up in a doctor's family, Kuo Yueh-ying is famous for her healthy food, particularly for women who have just given birth. Her newest department store branch offers healthy, tasty cuisine made from natural Chinese herbs.

A: A la carte entrees like Vegetables with Vinegar, Red Yeast Rice, Chinese Angel Hair with Vinegar and Purple Glutinous Rice Poridge can be upgraded to a set for NT$60-85. Black-Bone Chicken with Chinese Knotweed (NT$170) is a rich, slightly-sweet soup dish containing Chinese knotweed, ginseng and ginseng root. Garlic Chicken Soup (NT$150) is a simple, but nutritious, dish.

B: Vegetarian Soup with Sesame Oil (NT$120) includes broth made from vegetables such as seaweed, corn, celery leaves and cabbage, with 11 ingredients including mushrooms, vegetables and tofu.

C: The fragrant, chicken-based Tian Ma Soup (NT$130) contains shredded ginger, the Tian Ma Chinese herb, soft tofu, and fish slices with some Chinese basil and white sesame oil.

Kuo's Healthy CuisineB. Kuo's Healthy CuisineC.


Meimen Restaurant

Meimen Restaurant

365, ZhongMei St, West Dist. (near GongYi Rd)
(04) 2310-3188
Hours: 11:30 am-8:30 pm (closed Mondays)
No service charge.
Credit cards not accepted.

This eatery is owned by a protege of famed qigong master Li Feng-shan and offers both healthy vegetarian fare and qigong instruction. The simple, tasty food is only made of seasonal vegetables, emphasizing ingredients' original flavors. A basic set (NT$80) includes four dishes and a soup, plus larger sets (NT$200-250). A la carte dishes (from NT$50) include Tofu with Chinese Mahogany, Dried Tofu with Chinese Pickles, and Edamade Soy Beans with Dried Radish.

A: Meimen welcomes anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle or qigong.

B: The NT$200 set includes Sesame Sauce Noodles, Tomato Soup, Chili Wrapped in Dried Tofu, Poached Vegetables with Sauce and plum juice. The handmade noodles contain smooth sesame sauce and crunchy shredded cucumber, while the tomato soup has tofu and edamame soy beans.

C: The home-style Fried Rice with Tofu Sheets (NT$120) is topped with flavor-enhancing chopped Chinese basil. Other recommended dishes include Edamame Soy Beans with Dried Radish (NT$70) and Shuang Kou Soup (NT$100).

Meimen RestaurantB. Meimen RestaurantC.


Shine Long

Shine Long

342, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist. (near WuQuan 5th St)
(04) 2373-1599
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5-9 pm (closed Tuesdays)
No service charge.
Cash only.

Shine Long has been serving healthy Chinese herbal cuisine since 1991. Its second-generation owner now offers innovative new-style Chinese herbal dishes that aren't bitter or oily, and contain all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables to balance flavors. A la carte dishes include Chinese Wolfberry and Sugarcane Shoots, Tender Meat with Herbs, and Shrimp with Tian Ma and Chinese Knotweed (NT$100-300). One-person vegetarian sets (NT$318) include a healthy hotpot, entree, sicklepod tea, assorted vegetables and dessert.

A: This restaurant has moved to Zhongming South Road.

B: Assorted Vegetables (NT$120) includes mulberries grown by the restaurant, vinegar-pickled tomatoes and bitter melon, peanuts, guavas, wax apples and king trumpet mushrooms. Assorted Grains Rice (NT$60) and Chinese Knotweed Jelly (NT$30) are also pictured.

C: Chinese Knotweed Chicken Soup (NT$220) has a refreshing flavor and herbal aroma. Tea Oil Chinese Angel Hair (NT$60) contains minced garlic, deep-fried garlic, vegetarian oil and bitter tea oil, and goes well with some chicken soup.

Shine LongB. Shine LongC.


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