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Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien




Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien: Pairing great food and relaxing ambiance

By Niang Chen
Translated by Lian Kuei

68, FengYuan Blvd, Sec 8, Shengang Dist.
(04) 2527-6328
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking available.

Located in the middle of a lawn along the long FengYuan Boulevard, Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien is positioned right next to a vegetable garden. In fact, during harvest season, you can even buy radishes, cucumbers, sweet potato leaves, cabbages and other produce here.

This garden-style restaurant is a suitable spot for both a big banquet or just relaxing over a small drink. Sitting under the Madagascar almond trees that cover the outdoor area, you can enjoy the morning breezes, or relax with a jazzy live piano and saxophone performance every evening. The restaurant's various chefs cook up their specialties, ranging from Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai and Cantonese to creative modern cuisine, all widely accepted and enjoyed by customers.

The opportunity to eat in a traditional Chinese-style restaurant decorated with gray roof tiles and red brick walls, with nothing but fields and green grass in sight, makes a visit here a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience.


Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien Apple Chicken Hot Pot (small NT$300/large NT$500) Fresh ingredients such as chicken, clams, trumpet mushrooms and apples are sprinkled with celery before being served, fresh and delicious.
Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien Chilipeng (small NT$200/large NT$300) This beautiful Chinese dish with is prepared by the Cantonese-cuisine chef. A battered chicken thigh and shrimp are lightly fried and the stir-fried with Chinese yams and gingko.
Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien Garlic Fried Beef Cubes (small NT$200 large NT$300)- The stewed, juicy and aromatic beef cubes, stir-fried with trumpet mushrooms and diced garlic, perfectly complement a beer.
Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien Thai Lemon Grass Squid (small NT$200/large NT$300) This Southeast Asian-flavored entree is prepared with fresh squid fried with chilis, minced garlic and lemon grass.
Fengyuan Tan-Tsu Mien Lusui Boneless Goose (NT$180)-Prepared by the Japanese-cuisine chef here, the cooked, salt-marinated goose is paired with thinly-sliced ginger that's been rinsed with water to wash away its strong flavor. This means you can truly savor the original luscious taste of the goose, even without any sauce.

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