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Tasting the Love in Every Delicious Bite--Merry Mama Homemade Bread, ShihFang Tree Top Cafe (Xitun Branch), Lianxin Coffee Shop, The Cozy Coffee Stop

By Niang Chen
Translated by Erica Lin

Merry Mama Homemade Bread

Merry Mama Homemade Bread

89, Taiwan Blvd (Taichung Port Rd), Sec 2, Xitun Dist. (new Taichung City Hall, Building 'A')
(04) 2251-7909
Hours: 7:30 am-6 pm (closed on weekends)
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

Located inside of the new Taichung City Hall, Merry Mama bakery and restaurant trains employees with physical or mental challenges to help make its bread and meals. Customers can taste the sincerity of their efforts in every bite. Selections include sandwiches (Basil Chicken, Pepper Beef, Smoked Ham Sandwich, NT$100-250), various pasta and gratin dishes (NT$110-250) and all kinds of drinks (NT$35-110).

A: Chef Justine Li of French restaurant Fleur de Sel personally coaches employees.

B: Many European and Japanese breads are made by members with physical disabilities--Merry Mama Classic Bread (NT$200), Long Salzburg (NT$100), stuffed with bacon and cheese, and Lychee Aroma Bread (NT$120). A Latte is NT$57.

C: White Wine Butter Herb Mushroom Pasta (NT$120 a la carte) has tender, juicy pan-fried chicken. An "A" set meal includes salad and a drink (NT$160), with an added soup and dessert in the "B" set (NT$240).

Merry Mama Homemade BreadB. Merry Mama Homemade BreadC.


ShihFang Tree Top Cafe (Xitun Branch)

ShihFang Tree Top Cafe (Xitun Branch)

166-92, XiTun Rd, Sec 3, Xitun Dist.
(04) 2461-2603
Hours: 10 am-5 pm
(closed Mondays)
No service charge.
Cash only.

CEO Wei Zhen-feng of the ShiFang Special Needs Center in Dakeng has been involved in special education for children with mental challenges for nearly 30 years, serving with passion. The Children Development Hall offers not only professional consultation classes but also pastries and collages made by the center's members.

A: Director Liu leads social workers in assisting first-time parents.

B: While the kids play in the recreation room, parents can enjoy meals and relax in the restaurant. There are various light meals, such as the Teriyaki Chicken Thigh set meal (NT$120), that include soup and dessert, and there is a minimum charge of NT$50.

C: For a Happy Meal (NT$120), diners can add NT$20 for soup and dessert, and enjoy half-priced drinks such as a Latte (NT$100) and Golden Pomelo Tea (NT$100). All are made with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

ShihFang Tree Top Cafe (Xitun Branch)B. ShihFang Tree Top Cafe (Xitun Branch)C.


Lianxin Coffee Shop

Lianxin Coffee Shop

221, ChengGong Rd, Dajia Dist. (Tiezhenshan Tourist Service Center)
(04) 2680-5838
Hours: 8 am-5 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking available.

A group of lively physically and mentally challenged employees provides polite service here, with public interaction satisfying their curiosity and boosting confidence. The staff works happily at every task, from making and serving drinks, washing and preparing ingredients to cleaning and working the cash register. Visitors can enjoy a coffee; set meals (NT$80-150) such as Sirloin Rice, Teppanyaki Noodles, and Vegetarian Mushroom Rice; fries, chicken nuggets and tea eggs (NT$10-45); and black tea and pomelo tea (NT$20-60).

A: The employees at Dajia Lianxin Coffee Shop show plenty of good cheer.

B: The Salmon Set Meal (NT$150) includes two seasonal vegetable dishes, an egg, rice and soup. With enough advance notice, the staff members can carry out tasks such as preparing an egg, chicken thigh or even salmon on their own.

C: The delectable French Chicken Thigh Set Meal (NT$150) features a juicy pan-fried chicken thigh with a chef's special onion and carrot sauce, spiced with cumin and black pepper.

Lianxin Coffee ShopB. Lianxin Coffee ShopC.


The Cozy Coffee Stop

The Cozy Coffee Stop

144, ZhongPing Rd, Taiping Dist. (Taiping District Office Building 'A' Plaza)
(04) 2270-4871
Hours: 8 am-5 pm (closed weekends)
Cash only.
No service charge.

Located on the plaza of the Taiping District Office, this coffee shop is staffed by those with mental or physical challenges. One can cool off under the big outdoor roadside umbrellas, relaxing and enjoying the aroma of cinnamon powder on a cappuccino and pleasing texture of a thick slice of toast, savoring the beauty of life. Options include green, black and milk teas (NT$10-45), single-origin coffees (NT$35-60), flavored coffees like a latte or cappuccino, French caramel lattes (NT$50-85) and NT$20 thick sliced toast (peanut butter, coconut, garlic). A drip coffee-bag gift box with 10 bags is NT$300.

A: This ordinary-looking coffee shop is an important part of its staff members' lives.

B: Chen Yin-min proudly notes that she put the product stickers on drip coffee bags during final packaging.

C: Kumquat Lemon Plum (NT$30/35) and Peanut Butter Thick Sliced Toast (NT$20) are simple but pleasing offerings here.

The Cozy Coffee StopB. The Cozy Coffee Stop


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