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Andrew Indian Restaurant
The wood-color interior is
simple and well-lit.

Andrew Indian Restaurant
Indian chefs Ravindra Sin and
Yogendra Singh

Andrew Indian Restaurant
Veg Rice Fried with Fresh Peas

Andrew Indian Restaurant
Murgh Makhani Curry Chicken
tikka (NT$260)

Authentic, savory curries and more at Andrew Indian Restaurant

By Ruby Wu
Translated by Erica Lin

1017, JianXing Rd, West Dist.
停業 Closed

Indian cuisine is distinctive in its use of so many spices to vary flavors and give each dish its own special taste and aroma. There is also a big difference between southern and northern Indian food, the former being on the spicy side with more pungent flavors and the latter being milder and more flavorful, often using tomatoes, onions and diary products as a base.

Open since 2005, Andrew Indian Restaurant focuses on northern Indian cuisine, prepared by Indian chefs Yogendra Singh and Ravindra Singh, previously employed at the Ocean Resto Bar in India. With their blends of Indian spices and ingredients, diners can fully savor authentic Indian spices, aromas and flavors.

The heart of Indian food is--of course--aromatic curries, with at least six or seven natural spices added to each variety. There are chicken, mutton, seafood, vegetable and many other curry-based entrees, such as the recommended, mildly-spicy Andrew Shrimp Curry (NT$290), with coconut powder and paste added to spices to better accent the layers of flavor. Another fragrant choice is Murgh Makhani Curry (NT$260), simmered with tomatoes, cashew nuts, butter and coriander.

Also enjoy some Tandoor oven-baked Garlic Nan (NT$55) or Green Nan (NT$55), dipping this thick, crispy bread into the curry to savor the simultaneous aromas of flour and curry. Or pair a curry with Veg Rice Fried with Fresh Peas (NT$60), featuring cumin-infused Indian rice. Besides a la carte dishes, there is also a Set Meal for One Person (NT$399), including a soup, salad, entree (choose any under NT$260), rice, nan, dessert and a drink; and the Set Meal For Two People (NT$899), with an added Tandoori dish.

Andrew Indian's Tandoori dishes are also quite popular, including the very flavorful, slightly-spicy Chicken Tikka (NT$320), boneless chicken cut into pieces, marinated in famous masalas, then smoked over charcoal, or Tandoori Mahi Fish Tikka (NT$320), with chunks of select fresh snapper marinated in yoghurt, mustard seeds and turmeric powder. Turmeric not only makes food more colorful, but also adds flavor. Lastly, try some homemade Indian yogurt, which can be sweet or savory, for a nice conclusion to a delicious meal.

Andrew Indian Restaurant Andrew Indian Restaurant
Left: Tandoori Mahi Fish Tikka (NT$320)
Right: Chicken Tikka (NT$320) and Garlic Nan bread (NT$55)

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