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Summer days, starry nights, good beers, tasty Taiwanese delicacies--Nan-Ge-Jiu-Jiu Seafood Fat Goose, Hong Lu Goose & Seafood Restaurant, Fisherman Seafood Restaurant, Big Juicy Goose

Translated by Erica Lin

Nan-Ge-Jiu-Jiu Seafood Fat Goose

Nan-Ge-Jiu-Jiu Seafood Fat Goose

385, DaYa Rd, North Dist.
(04) 2291-2213
Hours: 6 pm-3 am
Cash only.
No service charge.

Next to Plaza International Hotel, this is a car wash by day, but transforms into a popular Taiwanese stir-fry restaurant showcasing Taiwanese late-night delicacies. Boosted by word of mouth and affordable prices, this is the place to savor a combination of traditional Taiwanese stir-fry dishes (including seafood) and beer (Taiwan Beer NT$70, Gold Medal NT$60). --By Lin Fu-shan

A: Garlic-Flavored Grouper (NT$199) and Three-Cup Chicken Butt (NT$199) are delectable selections, as are Cumin Mutton (NT$199), Fried Cuttlefish with Salted Egg Yolk (NT$280) and seasonal bamboo shoots, baked with cheese.

B: Owner and passionate gourmet Nan-Ge has been interviewed by many media outlets. The juicy, tender Fat Goose (NT$320) features a layer of crispy skin.

C: Tsai-wei (leftovers) Soup (NT$499), popularized at traditional Taiwanese wedding banquets, is also offered here. Fifty fresh ingredients such as shrimp, fish skin, squid, pork chops, bamboo shoots and goose wings are cooked over low heat for two days to create this favorite aromatic, delicious soup.

Nan-Ge-Jiu-Jiu Seafood Fat GooseB. Nan-Ge-Jiu-Jiu Seafood Fat GooseC.


Hong Lu Goose & Seafood Restaurant

Hong Lu Goose & Seafood Restaurant

342, MinQuan Rd, West Dist.
(04) 2206-2502
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-1:30 am
No service charge.
Cash only.
Parking available.

Seafood and goose is a traditional Taiwanese beer-drinking food combo found at this place, on the corner of Taichung Port and MinQuan roads for almost 20 years. Although Hong Lu now serves lunch, it is after dark that crowds of loyal customers--including the likes of five-star hotel chef Li Ashu--especially gather here for food and drinks. --By Niang Chen

A: Traditional Taiwanese dishes are the big, long-time attraction here.

B: Specialties include Pan Fried Goose (NT$200), Peppery Spiral Snails (NT$160) and Spicy Stinky Tofu (NT$100). A signature dish, the tofu is cooked with broth, spicy oil and onions with celery sprinkled on top for a delightful fragrance and flavor.

C: High Mountain Bamboo Shoots (NT$150), Salty Egg with Trumpet Mushrooms (NT$120) and Sichuan Pepper Chicken Wings (NT$200) all go great with beer. The bamboo shoots, from Nanzhuang Farmers Association, are tender, yet crisp, while the trumpet mushrooms are flavored with salty eggs. Sichuan pepper is a prominent ingredient in the juicy chicken wings.

Hong Lu Goose & Seafood RestaurantB. Hong Lu Goose & Seafood RestaurantC.


Fisherman Seafood Restaurant

Fisherman Seafood Restaurant
Wild Fish & Crab Theme Restaurant

562, FuKe Rd, Xitun Dist.
(04) 2463-2166; 0980-999-341
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-1 am
Take out available.
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking available.

This large, traditional Taiwanese-cuisine restaurant, offers a great variety of fresh, seasonal seafood for affordable prices. Various signature dishes plus steamed, fried, teppanyaki and other entrees are available at NT$100 and new seasonal dishes are created every three months. Customers may also choose what they want to eat from the fish tank, filled with fresh seasonal seafood. Beer choices include Asahi 600ml (NT$100/3 bottles), Taiwan Beer 600ml (NT$30) and Budweiser 330ml (NT$150/2 bottles). --By Javi Siles

A: Golden Crab (NT$380) is first coated with salty egg yolk and then deep-fried. Also great with beer is the Peppery Spiral Snails (NT$350).

B: Salted Goose (NT$250) goes nicely with your beer and is made with a recipe passed down by generations. Enjoy the wonderful combination of juicy, tender goose dipped in garlic soy sauce.

C: Red Amberjack Prepared in 2 Ways (NT$999): Fresh, delicious amberjack sashimi and miso soup, plus fresh fish with tofu and "you tiao" fried-dough sticks.

Fisherman Seafood Restaurant B. Fisherman Seafood Restaurant C.


Big Juicy Goose

Big Juicy Goose

258, ChaoFu Rd, Xitun Dist. (corner with LongMen Rd); (04) 2251-2966
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 4:30-10 pm
English menu available.
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking available.

Good food and alcoholic choices makes this a "beer paradise" with chefs also capable of handling weddings or big banquets. New menu items are added every six months, adding to what is already a great variety of cuisine. --By Niang Chen

A: Golden Squid (NT$280 small, NT$480 large), coated in salty egg yolks and deep-fried to lock in flavors, is pictured here with Korean Stir-Fried Beans and Pork (NT$160 small, NT$240 large), Stir-Fried Intestines (NT$220 small, NT$320 large) and Sichuan Pepper Spicy Chicken Wings (NT$180), plus 2,000cc Heinken draft beer--only NT$350 here.

B: The relaxing semi-outdoor garden-style setting has plenty of space.

C: Juicy Goose (half NT$600) is marinated and grilled till juicy and tender inside and crispy outside. The Secret Recipe Stinky Tofu (NT$160 small, NT$280 large) features special tofu spiced with chili-oil extract and cooked with meat sauce; the Ginseng Pork Pouch Goose (NT$580) is made by stuffing a pork belly with goose, ginseng and other Chinese herbs.

Big Juicy GooseB. Big Juicy GooseC.


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