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Creative Foreign-Made Food--Eat Some More, Taichung Munchies , Schulli's Beef Taiwan, The Orange Windmill

Translated by Erica Lin

Eat Some More

www.eatsomemore.com.tw (website coming soon)

Three long-time South African residents of Taiwan--Morne, Adrian and Gerte--recently started this business, specializing in providing high-quality, easy-to-prepare, home-cooked meals and other foods, ordered via website or phone and delivered to your door anywhere on the island. The international cuisine includes a variety of meat products such as sausages and salty beef jerky (known as "biltong" in South Africa), plus fresh-made English-style meat pies with flavors like Spinach Cheese, Ham and Cheese, Chicken and Cheese, and vegetarian Refried Mexican Beans. In addition, there are several sauces, from BBQ to Honey Mustard, and a savory selection of Casanova liqueur shots in flavors like Tiramisu and Irish Cream. The trio of owners, all very experienced in the kitchen, is also able to cater a variety of events, from birthday parties to weddings (one-month prior reservation needed) and welcomes other similar individuals and companies that want to sell foods via Eat Some More. --By Douglas Habecker

Eat Some More Eat Some More Eat Some More Eat Some More


Taichung Munchies


Returning after a short break with an improved menu including vegetarian and vegan options, Taichung Munchies is perfect for those seeking homemade comfort foods to satisfy their cravings. https://www.facebook.com/TaichungMunchies provides one with access to a menu containing a wide range of Western flavors including Vegan Hangover Stew, Vegetarian Lasagna, Intense Brownies, and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. All meals sell for under NT$250 and are delivered frozen, allowing them to be stored until needed. --By Jacob Van Singel

A: Taichung Munchies is a small, two-woman business run by Rachel McPhail and Jessica Hopkins.

B: Munchies desserts include the popular Intense Brownies and Chocolate Chip Banana bread.

C: Besides vegan and vegetarian meals, Taichung Munchies also offers Chicken Pot Pie and other omnivorous options.

Taichung Munchies A. Taichung Munchies B. Taichung Munchies C.


Schulli's Beef Taiwan

0937-710-652 (Chinese, English, Russian)
0923-145-466 (English, Afrikaans)

Based out of a factory in Wufeng district, Schulli's Beef is a large-scale producer of fresh, foreign sausages and jerky, handmade with a flavor unique to their company. A strong reception from Taiwanese customers has made Robert-John Schulenberg and Sergey Redkin's business successful. Menus may be slightly altered during Chinese holidays to cater to consumers and deliveries are made via 7-11 and Black Cat delivery services. Phone numbers and email addresses available for ordering are listed at https://www.facebook.com/schullisbeeftaiwan along with a full menu of sausage and jerky orders. --By Jacob Van Singel

A: An order of "Biltong" South African-style beef jerky hangs up to dry in the Schulli's Beef factory.

B: Schulli's sausages are a hit with flavors including South African Boerewors (middle), British Bangers, and Rosemary Pork Sausages, pictured here.

Schulli's Beef TaiwanA. Schulli's Beef TaiwanB. Schulli's Beef Taiwan


The Orange Windmill

24, XinXing Rd, DongXing Lane, Longjing Dist.
Hours: Mon-Thu 12-8 pm; Fri-Sun 12-9 pm
Take out available.
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.

Dutch owner Leander introduces typical Poffertjes (one-bite pancakes) from his home country to Taichung at The OrangeWindmill, located between Tunghai University and Donghai Night Market. Poffertjes (NT$59-79), chewier and thicker than normal pancakes thanks to homemade butter, come in nine flavors--six regular with topping (such as chocolate, condensed milk, and honey) and three with with fruit. Soft Nougat (NT$149), a sweet Dutch snack, is also sold in five flavors. Complementing these snacks are select drinks (NT$49-69) like imported teas, cocoa and coffee. Every week, a different 700cc tea is NT$29 for take-out, and daily from 12 to 1 p.m. a regular Poffertje and any tea is only NT$98. --By Javier Siles

A: Leander personally makes the Poffertjes.

B: Strawberry Proffertje (NT$69), with organic strawberry preserves and sugar powder, is a delightful, scrumptious mouthful.

C: Mango Tea (NT$49), Condensed Milk Poffertje and Chocolate Poffertje (both NT$59).

The Orange Windmill A. The Orange Windmill B. The Orange Windmill C.


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