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Taichung's world-famous beef noodle & dumpling spot

By Natasha Lee
Translated by Erica Lin

(04) 2321-5955
96, GongYi Rd, Sec 1, West Dist. (near MeiCun Rd)
Hours: 11 am-9 pm
English menu available.
Cash only.
No service charge.

Founded in 1996, Shandong Dumpling & Noodle, as its name touts, sells authentic northern Chinese-style noodles and hand-rolled dumplings. These attract many mainland Chinese and other local diners, who enjoy the family-style cuisine or miss the good, old hometown flavors. Moreover, younger customers have also been drawn by on-line buzz about the cooking skills here--passed down over two generations--while inclusion in Lonely Planet's Taiwan guidebook has put this eatery on the map for foreigners.

Owner/chef Hu Li-guo, who inherited these skills from his Shandong-native father, possesses not only outstanding dough-rolling skills but also insists on innovative flavors, luring regulars back regularly in search of more delectable food to please their palates and hearts.

Shandong Dumpling & Noodle Shandong Dumpling & Noodle Shandong Dumpling & Noodle

Pork Dumpling (NT$60/10 pieces)-One cannot miss out on the signature boiled Pork Dumplings here, now even more famous after receiving praise from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee. Owner Hu notes that the "Life of Pi" movie crew loved the chewy texture of these hand-rolled creations so much they specially requested that chefs to go to the Taichung film set to make dumplings for 200 cast/crew members as snacks. One scene even had to be re-shot because the sound of a gas stove cooking these dumplings was accidentally recorded.

Shandong Dumpling & Noodle Shandong Dumpling & Noodle Shandong Dumpling & Noodle
Left: Pork Dumpling, medium: Shan Dong Pancake, right: Shandong Chicken Wrap

Shan Dong Pancake (NT$100) Almost all visitors here order one of the various exquisite noodle dishes, beef or otherwise. However, what about combining this with the temptation of a savory pancake? After cutting a Chinese-style green onion pancake into small pieces, the chefs fried these with fresh vegetables and shredded meat as if they're frying noodles. Then, spiced up with a specially-created sauce, this family-style dish turns into a treat that makes loyal fans out of most diners.

Shandong Chicken Wrap (NT$80) Perhaps you've heard of Shandong Chicken, but have you heard of the Shan Dong Chicken Wrap? This is the proud owner's original creation, mixing two familiar elements together to create an unexpectedly, perfectly-complementary combination. This dish is a top gourmand must-try.

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