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Finga's Fine Food
Dereke Bruce with three
different Banh Mi Sandwich

Finga's keeps it fresh with new summer sandwiches

By Jacob Van Singel
Translated by Erica Lin

(04) 2327-7750
61, ZhongMing S Rd, West Dist.
Hours: weekdays 10 am-10 pm,weekends 8 am-10 pm
English menu available.
Credit cards accepted for purchase over NT$300.
Take-out/delivery available.
no service charge.

Currently celebrating its 20th year of business, Finga's has thrived as a restaurant throughout the past two decades. In addition to serving food, it also serves as both a grocery store (providing fresh cheeses and deli meats as well as imported goods) and supplier of bread to a variety of restaurants around Taiwan.

When New Zealander owner Dereke Bruce founded Finga's in 1993, its main focus was ice cream, but it has grown dramatically over the years to offer a full breakfast menu, pasta, burgers (NT$190-295) and, notably, a creative variety of sandwiches (NT$170-240). Some Finga's favorites over the years include the Roquefurt Cheeseburger and Reuben Sandwich, a hot, grilled American creation containing corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

Dereke is constantly introducing new menu items and all-new sandwiches include the Banh Mi Sandwich (NT$180) and Cuban Pressed Sandwich (NT$240). Healthy but very delicious, the Vietnamese-inspired Banh Mi is served on soft French bread and loaded with chicken liver pate, lettuce, pickled carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, Finga's secret sauce, and your choice of roast pork, turkey, ham, or beef, served with Sweet Potato Chips on the side. The Cuban Pressed Sandwich features Panini bread filled with pork, ham, Gouda cheese and pickles, served with french fries.

Finga's Fine Food Finga's Fine Food Finga's Fine Food
Left: Reuben Sandwich, medium: Cuban Pressed Sandwich (NT$240), right: Banh Mi Sandwich

Finga's has also begun to offer a NT$180 set meal of soup, salad, and Focaccia bread, perfect for a light summer meal. One can choose either Minestrone or Cream Soup and there are five Focaccia options--Jalapeno, Sun-dried Tomato, Olive, Plain, or Herb.

Finga's Fine Food Finga's Fine Food
Left: Minestrone soup, salad and Olive Focaccia bread (NT$180)
Right: Finga's often fills up for lunch, even on weekdays.

The restaurant seats 80 in both indoor and outdoor areas and provides a cozy atmosphere with softly-playing music and lots of natural light. Take-out food is popular, especially later at night, and catering jobs keep the restaurant busy, too.

And the secret to 20 years of business success? Dereke replies, "You have to be honest with your customers. If you make a mistake, admit it. Also, there's no need for radical changes. Instead, just shift things slightly."

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