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Feng Zhuan Roast Duck is good for any occasion

By Ruby Wu
Translated by Angel Pu
Photos by Pedro Lucas Teixeira Pinho

712-2, XiangXin S Rd, Nantun Dist.
(04) 2473-5880
Hours: 11 am-2 pm (last order 2 pm, open to 3 pm); 5-9 pm (last order 9 pm, opens until 10 pm)
English menu available.
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking lot available.

Open since 1999, Feng Zhuan Roast Duck was once known as Feng Zhuan 1999 and located next to Feng Le Sculpture Park. Although it has since moved, it continues to offer creative Taiwanese-Chinese dishes. Whether it's a casual dinner date with a friend or a big gathering, the variety of offerings here--from chicken, pork, beef, seafood and cold dishes to dim sum--ensures a satisfying meal during the Chinese New Year holidays or any time of the year.

As its name makes clear, Feng Zhuan's signature dish is its Peking Roast Cherry Duck (whole NT$1,288; half NT$688), firm inside and crispy outside. The restaurant selects certified cherry ducks from Yilan county. After these are roasted, the chef slices the duck breast with its delicious, crispy skin. A special way to savor this is to dip it into some custard sugar, whose sweetness accents the duck's various flavors. You can also try the dipping sauce and bundle it with some shredded cucumbers and green onions in a wrap made with purple Chinese yam. The duck bones can be used in the Stewed Duck Hotpot (NT$348) with ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetables and clams.

Other recommended dishes include Stuffed White Radish with Tofu (NT$358). The seasonal white radish is cut into chunks and stuffed with mashed sweet yam, longan and scallops, and poured with stewed tofu, fat choy (hair vegetable) and mashed spinach. This rich mix of ingredients is well-balanced and very flavorful.

Feng Zhuan Roast Duck Feng Zhuan Roast Duck Feng Zhuan Roast Duck
Left: Roast Cherry Duck
Medium: Stewed Duck with Assorted Vegetables Soup
Right: tir-fried Chicken with Oolong Tea

The stir-fried Chicken with Oolong Tea (NT$388) contains chicken, squid, chestnuts, onions and oolong tea leaves. Stewed Pork Belly (NT$288) is a appetizingly-sour dish containing pork belly, shredded bamboo shoots, jelly ear fungus, carrots and Chinese pickled cabbage. Fried egg bits are sprinkled over this before serving. Finally, to wrap up a good meal here, try the creative Chinese dessert Baked Duck with Cheese and Taro Paste, featuring a fluffy stuffing and crispy crust.

Feng Zhuan Roast Duck Feng Zhuan Roast Duck
Left: Stuffed White Radish with Tofu (front) and Stewed Pork Belly (back)
Right: Baked Duck with Cheese and Taro Paste

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