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Dining in the beautiful spring scenery of Xinshe District--Annie's Garden , Lavender Cottage, Tao Li He Pan, Mu Xin Quan

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angel Pu

Annie's Garden

223, ZhongXing St, Zhonghe Village, Xinshe Dist.
(04) 2593-1567
Hours: 9 am-8 pm
English menu available.
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking lot available.

This lovely wooden house, surrounded by all kinds of herbs and pink flowers, resembles something from a fairy tale. There are adorable decorations in every corner, from pink wooden sheep and clocks to a metal pumpkin coach. Annie's also provides delicious British country-style food and lovely waffles. Creative set meals range between NT$280 and NT$599 while drinks are NT$100-180. The NT$100 entry ticket can be used toward any purchases inside the park here.

A: The beautiful castle-like structure, by a lake and the mountains, reminds visitors of romantic imaginary stories.

B: The German Country Pork Knuckle (NT$599) includes soup, salad, bread, drink and dessert. The pork knuckle is marinated with herbs and deep fried until its skin is crispy.

C: The Funny Party afternoon tea for two (NT$399) includes pumpkin cake, selected cake, herb tea, and snacks. Diners can spend a whole afternoon just enjoying these beautifully-made desserts.

Annie's Garden A. Annie's Garden B.  Annie's Garden C.


Lavender Cottage

20, ZhongXing St, ZhongHe Village, Xinshe Dist.; (04) 2593-1066
Hours: 10:30 am-6:30 pm
English menu available.
Admission NT$100, can be used towards any purchases in the park.
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking lot available.

Established and managed by two women, Lavender Cottage is a leisure park famous for growing different kinds of herbs and their beautiful, lavender terraced fields. This is Taiwan's first ever herb-themed park. It also features specialty foods flavored with various herbs, such as ice cream made with rose and lavender. There is also a market area selling herb products and trails where visitors can explore the beautiful mountain scenery.

A: Made with herbs grown in the park, Roasted Chicken Leg and King Oyster Mushroom with Pesto Sauce (NT$340) combines the refreshing taste of herbs and tasty chicken. Roasted King Oyster Mushroom and Passion Fruit with Yogurt Sauce (NT$340) is also pictured to the left.

B: Combining smooth cheese, crispy pork chops and a unique cumin mayonnaise, Pork Rib with Mozzarella Cheese (NT$340) is a must-order. Stewed Seafood with Laksa Stock (NT$360) is a slightly spicy, South Asian style dish. The above dishes are all a-la-carte and can be upgraded to sets for additional NT$100-200.

C: A beautiful spot for viewing flowers, herbs and forest; listening to the sound of the breeze and enjoying a moment of relaxation.

Lavender CottageA. Lavender CottageB. Lavender CottageC.


Tao Li He Pan

98-1, ZhongXing St, Zhonghe Village, Xinshe Dist.
(04) 2593-1588
Hours: 10:30 am-7 pm
holidays 10 am-9 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking lot available.

This very sizable mountain farm with incredible natural vistas has a white house in its center. Its beautiful environment and garden, featuring seasonal flowers, makes it a great spot for visitors to hold small parties with friends and family. Year-round visitors can enjoy a good view while sitting by the glass walls, sampling food.

A: The BBQ Village Chicken Leg (NT$380) set includes fruit salad, pumpkin soup, handmade bread and a drink (add NT$60 to change the soup to a puff pastry soup). This made-to-order boneless chicken leg, marinated with various herbs before grilling, is tender, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

B: Xinshe Mushroom Hotpot (NT$380) contains various local-grown mushrooms, such as king trumpet and golden needles mushrooms. The refreshing, clear stock also goes well with tofu, fish, handmade fish balls and vegetables.

C: The diligent owner has spent over 10 years developing this place into a beautiful paradise.

Tao Li He PanA. Tao Li He PanB. Tao Li He PanC.


Mu Xin Quan

60, ZhongXing St, Zhonghe Village, Xinshe Dist.; (04) 2593-1201
Hours: 9:30 am-6 pm
Entry ticket NT$150; can be used towards any purchases in the park.
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.
Parking lot available.

This eight-hectare resort has its own natural spring water source, as implied in its name, which literally means "bathing heart spring". With a higher elevation, the restaurant here allows diners to enjoy great views while savoring a meal. The flower season falls between February and October with various flowers including cherry blossoms, pink trumpet trees, Tung blossoms, golden needle flowers and Chinese sweetgum, with fireflies also seen during summer months. A two-kilometer trail allows visitors to look out over Dajia River, Tianleng in Dongshi, and the Central Cross-Island Highway, and nearby there's a camping area, giving you even more opportunities to extend your time enjoying the beautiful scenery at Mu Xin Quan.

A: The country-style Pumpkin Vegetables Hotpot (NT$360) is smooth, creamy and filled with fresh, sweet pumpkin.

B:The thick, crispy deep-fried Indian Curry Pork Chops (NT$320) come with mushrooms and vegetables.

C: Besides fresh spring water and air, Mu Xin Quan also offers beautiful natural scenery.

Mu Xin QuanA. Mu Xin QuanB.  Mu Xin QuanC.


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