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30+ years and going strong: Taichung's oldest steak houses--Boston Restaurant, Y.Y.'s Steak House, Swensen's Family Restaurant, Black Pepper Steak House

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angela Cheng

Boston Restaurant

27, DuXin St, West Dist.
停業 Closed

Although its neighboring restaurants have changed in the years since its 1982 opening, Boston Restaurant has maintained its familiar flavors, classic decorations, and sincere quality, welcoming both old regular customers and new, younger ones. Its steaks (NT$490-1,680) are grilled on stone and iron, and served on porcelain.

A: The Bavarian Butcher Club (NT$690) features including a big boiled German pig's foot, thick pig tongue, crispy German sausage, and flavored ham.

B: Angus Boneless Short Rib Steak (NT$890, 12 oz.)--This beef, with evenly-marbled fat and meat, is roasted at almost 400 degrees on an Australian stone plate. Cooking it well-done is recommended, as it becomes golden and tender with a great aroma. Enjoy it some rose salt or a special onion sauce.

C: The Choice Sirloin Steak (NT$890, 12 oz.) includes an appetizer, salad, soup, dessert and drink. This is a classic, traditional choice; try it with the special Ice Coffee, made with the same recipe for 30 years.

Boston RestaurantA. Boston RestaurantB.  Boston RestaurantC.


Y.Y.'s Steak House

196, ChengGong Rd, Central Dist.
(04) 2220-9157
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm, 5:30-10 pm (closed Mon.)
English menu available.
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking lot available.

Y.Y.'s Steak House was founded in 1966 in Taipei and is a Taiwan steakhouse pioneer, with a rich history and plenty of stories from the past. Its quality and flavors didn't change following a move to Taichung, as it continues to be a place where diners recall the good old days. Steak meal sets are NT$590 to NT$1,700.

A: Many dignitaries have dined here over the years and decor still hints of past glories.

B: The U.S. Prime T-bone (NT$1,590, 22 oz.) features a chewier, fattier section and a more savory, juicier, meatier fillet on the other side of the bone. Gourmets can enjoy this with (well-known Chinese artist) Chang Dai-Chien's favorite, personal-recipe salted black-bean fried chilies, just like diners in the past once did.

C: U.S. Choice Fillet (NT$1,290, 8 oz.) is more tender and lean, and can be enjoyed with a bit of pure salt or black pepper. The handmade onion soup is made with 6-7 onions and offers a classic flavor.

Y.Y.'s Steak HouseA. Y.Y.'s Steak HouseB. Y.Y.'s Steak HouseC.


Swensen's Family Restaurant

530, Taiwan Blvd, Sec. 2, West Dist. (corner with ZhongMing Rd)

This American chain restaurant arrived in Taiwan in 1984 and later opened at the corner of Taiwan Boulevard (Taichung Port Rd) and ZhongMing Road, offering a relaxed, down-to-earth setting and friendly service. The fragrance of cooking meat is everywhere and juicy steaks and french fries are a simple pleasure here, in addition to other choices like all-American burgers, sandwiches, main courses and Swensen's ice cream.

A: Tiffany lamps project light onto the Victorian-style glass, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Diners can order steaks all day, including afternoons.

B: USDA Choice Rib Eye Steak (NT$699; set meals NT$799/880)--This medium well-done rib eye is chewy with especially savory with some light sea salt. Meal Set "B" includes soup or salad, beverage and dessert, while the "A" Set comes with appetizer, soup, bread, salad, dessert and beverage.

C: The medium-rare USDA Choice Ribs (NT$420, set meals NT$520/599) are tender, delicious and juicy.

Swensen's Family RestaurantA. Swensen's Family RestaurantB. Swensen's Family RestaurantC.


Black Pepper Steak House

219, ZhongZheng Rd, 2F, Fengyuan Dist.
(04) 2526-8750
Hours: 11 am-9:30 pm
No service charge.
Cash only.

Since 1984, this restaurant has offered traditional steaks with the persistence of a loyal old friend. The boss is picky and professional about his meat quality, earning his steakhouse customers and a reputation for high quality. The homemade mushroom and black pepper steak sauce holds its fragrance and is even sold for take-out (NT$50/container). Various steaks (NT$230-750) all come with bread, salad, soup and dessert. To get your steak stone-grilled, add NT$100.

A: This steakhouse has showcased consistent quality for over three decades.

B: American CAB Angus Beef (NT$750, 14 oz.) offers top quality for an unusually low price. Its evenly-layered fat makes it delicious after grilling.

C: The chewy N.Z. Sirloin (NT$450, 12 oz.) is a delicious choice, while the tender Prime Fillet (NT$590, 12 oz.) is also very savory. Both go great with a warm, appetizing mushroom sauce.

Black Pepper Steak HouseA. Black Pepper Steak HouseB.  Black Pepper Steak HouseC.


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