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Gourmet-style rice gruel at Shifen Congee Restaurant

By Sharon Chang
Translated by Angela Cheng

28, SongZhu Rd, Sec 3, Beitun Dist.
(04) 2246-9169
Hours: 11 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.

Shifen ("10 Points") Congee Restaurant, famed for its Chaozhou-style congee (rice gruel), has long had a high-visibility presence on the corner of SongZhu and MeiChuan roads. Customers consistently flock here to enjoy the congee pot options, of which there are about 10, including Yi-pin Abalone Congee, Beef Congee, Mushroom Congee for vegetarians, and the most popular choice, Lobster Yi-pin Shrimp Congee.

These popular, gourmet-style congees are cooked with quality, Taiwan-grown sushi rice and put into pots, together with scallops and broth, that keep them warm. Adding a teaspoon of homemade XO sauce is also recommended, as it helps accent the savory flavors. Besides congee, there are other popular Shanghai-style fried dishes (NT$180-280) and side dishes, such as crispy eel, salty-egg squid, and wine-cooked fish

 Shifen Congee Restaurant  Shifen Congee Restaurant  Shifen Congee Restaurant
Left: Lobster Shrimp Congee(NT$600/small) A whole lobster and over 10 shrimp, all fresh, are fully cooked with this addictive, delicious congee. Larger groups of diners can also order a larger serving (NT$1,200, 7-10 people).
Medium: Garlic Filet Steak (NT$280)
Right: Wu-xi Crispy Eel (NT$280)-Though this eel dish doesn't look particularly special, you'll be surprised once you've tasted it. The crispy, sweet eel, a challenging dish for chefs to prepare and further flavored with ginger, remains crispy even after it turns cold.

 Shifen Congee Restaurant  Shifen Congee Restaurant
Left: Salty Egg Squid(NT$280)-To create the unique flavor of this entree, fresh squid is first fried and then combined with salty egg yolk.

 Shifen Congee Restaurant  Shifen Congee Restaurant
Left: Brewed Fish (NT$280)-This fish is first brewed with sweet olives, giving it a refreshing, savory flavor, before it is fried with a wide variety of fresh vegetables for a dish that's delicious and not overly -oily.
Right: Clam Luffa (NT$180)

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