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Poco Micaela

Poco Micaela: A fresh dining spot in an old district

By Lin Fu-shan
Translated by Angela Cheng

49, GongYuan Rd, Central Dist.
(04) 2221-9988
Hours: Mon-Sun 5 pm-2 am; Fri & Sat 5 pm-3 am
(closed Tue.)
Cash only.

Poco Micaela is located in Taichung's Central District, which was once the bustling heart of the city but saw a gradual decline. Thankfully, things have been coming back to life more recently with businesses like Poco Micaela, located in renovated old house about 50 years old. Serving cocktails, Belgian beers, authentic American-style cuisine and appealing snacks, this establishment brings new energy and a lively atmosphere to this oldest district. Also striking here is the store's mix of traditional and American-style decor, featuring the owner's oil paintings.

Poco Micaela Grilled Beef (8 oz. NT$280)
US Choice beef is cooked in a traditional American style and roasted with tendons for a rich, savory result. The meat is grilled about 5-6 minutes until it has a tender, fresh flavor that is excellent either without any seasonings or with a bit of sea salt, plus lettuce and corn on the side.
Poco Micaela

Roasted Smoked Chicken Legs (NT$280)
These chicken legs are first braised and then fried with a special fruit-based sauce (made with 27 ingredients), giving them a great, sweet-and-sour taste.



Poco Micaela Smoked Pork Rib (1 lb. NT$480)
This large, American entree, served with salad and french fries, has nine ribs weighing a total of a pound. The pork ribs are marinaded for a day before baking and, enjoyed with a uniquely-flavored, homemade sauce, are chewy, but not salty, with a bit of sweet-and-sour flavor.
Poco Micaela Beef Stew Cheese Fries (NT$180)
The beef in this dish is served with cheese, pickles on the side and French mustard. The fries are crispy and slightly spicy.
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