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Light Hourse's tasty offerings illuminate each season

By Sharon Chang
Translated by Angela Cheng

(04) 2220-1391
161, SanMin Rd, Sec 3, 2F, North Dist. (Chung Yo Department Store, Building 'C')
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-10 pm; Sat-Sun 10:30am-10pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
Parking lot available.

Light House's menu is filled with a diversity of Western-style dishes and light meals, from pasta and risotto entrees to waffle dessert to coffee smoothies. The menu changes with each season, but what stays the same is the use of local Taiwanese produce and this establishment's consistently warm, friendly style.

Popular entrees here include Local Bu-la Fish Risotto with Pine Nuts in Cream Sauce, and Beef Stew Pasta with Red Wine Sauce. Among top dessert choices is the Madame Rose Pancake, made with rose petals inside the pancake, and Rose Garden Crepe, blossoming like rose with a citrus fragrance. Enjoy these with a Light House Signature Latte (NT$155), which has a dried longan fragrance, is served with cute logo on it, and promises to brighten up your day a bit.

Light Hourse Light Hourse Light Hourse
Left: Beef Stew Pasta with Red Wine Sauce (NT$358) is served in a pan with fried garlic pasta that has a mild olive-oil fragrance.
Medium: Smoked Duck Risotto with Pine Nuts in Pesto Sauce (NT$299) includes tasty Yilan wild smoked duck breast, slow roasted to bring its oils out, plus a risotto that combines the fried duck oil with rice, a special pesto sauce and cheese.
Right: The Madame Rose Pancake Petite Size (NT$198) is made with rose powder and has raspberry and rose petal jam on each layer, making this a great spring eason treat.

Light Hourse Light Hourse Light Hourse
Left: The Rose Garden Crepe with 3 kinds of handmade sauces (NT$145) uses the three jams--longan honey, Hakka pounded tea, and caramel sea salt--to complement the soft, chewy and citrus-smelling crepe.
Right: Local Bu-la Fish Risotto with Pine Nuts in Cream Sauce (NT$288) features "bu-la" fish from the Toucheng and Fangliao coastline (respectively in northeastern and southwestern Taiwan) that give the risotto a rich seafood taste, served with fresh, crispy fried greater burdock in a feast for the eyes and mouth.

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