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Kuang Wei Qing

Feasting on 'kung-fu cooking'

By Lin Fu-shan
Translated by Angela Cheng

379, GongYi Rd, West Dist.
(04) 2320-5108
Hours: 11 am-2:30 pm, 5-8:30 pm
Credit cards accepted.
No service charge.

Located in the heart of Taichung's competitive GongYi Road "restaurant war zone", this Chinese dining spot greets customers with a simple, clean decor. "Kuang Wei" means "diverse flavors" while "Qing" comes from the name of owner Qiu Xin-qing (Master A-qing), whose deep culinary expertise was honed at five-star hotels and allows him to both prepare traditional dishes in fresh ways and present new ingredients in traditional ways, breathing new life into Chinese cuisine.

Kuang Wei Qing Kuang Wei Qing
Right: Fresh and not greasy, the Thai Style Steamed Lemon Fish uses a special lemon sauce to enhance the aroma.

The Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Business Lunch (NT$120) includes Three-Cups Chicken (pictured with chef Lai Hong-ming above), with a strong sesame-oil flavor and tender chicken going well with rice. Diners have a choice of this or other fish and pork entrees, plus rice, a side dish, soup and drink.

A combination meal for five, including nine dishes (pictured) with soup and rice, is only NT$900, underlining the high-quality, five-star, but reasonably-priced, fare found here.

Kuang Wei Qing Kuang Wei Qing Kuang Wei Qing
Left: Japanese-Style Old Skin Tender Meat features shredded steamed eggs, rolled in flour and fried in a wok with a braised sauce, and is crispy outside and tender inside.
Medium: Kuang Wei Dongpo Pork, served with a special sauce, melts in the mouth with a salty, savory freshness.
Right: Mushrooms, Fresh Clams and Gourd has savory mushrooms.

Kuang Wei Qing Kuang Wei Qing Kuang Wei Qing
Left: The very soft, salty Kuang Wei Gold Sands Tofu features eggs, tofu and a salty egg.
Medium: Squid Shrimp Pastry's chewy texture and sweet- and-sour taste comes from fresh squid and shrimp and the dipping sauce.
Right: Thai Style Salsa Taro Shrimp uses Asian tiger prawns and steamed, mashed taro, plus over 10 kinds of sauces, giving it a light taro aroma, sweet-sour taste, and crispy, not greasy, consistency.

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