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Quality breeds growth at Little India Muslim Restaurant

By Courtney Donovan Smith
Translated by Alicia Yu

60, BoGuan 3rd St., West Dist.
(04) 2326-1425
BRT: Science Museum
11 am-2 pm, 5-10 pm
English menu available.
Cash only. 10% serviece charge.
China Medical branch: 60, YuDe Rd., North District; (04) 2206-6639
JianXing branch: 1017, JianXing Rd., West District; (04) 2326-7075
BRT: Science Museum
JingCheng branch: 103, JingCheng Rd., West District; (04) 2326-5411
BRT: Chungming Elementary

Starting from its little, original restaurant in 2008, Little India has expanded to its current four branches. When a restaurant branches out like that, it usually says two things: The food is probably very good for the price, and the owner knows how to think big. Both are true here.

A native of Pakistan, owner Ali originally visited Taiwan on purchasing trips to buy machinery for export to various countries, a business he continues today. His love, however, was for food and it is fortunate for us that he chose Taichung as the location to share that passion.

The keys to great food from the Subcontinent are fresh ingredients and getting a correct, authentic balance for the wide range of spices used. The owner takes pride in the freshness of the ingredients, and each of his restaurants is staffed with a pair of professional chefs brought in from India to ensure authenticity. This shows in his customer base--around 30% of his business comes from foreigners, many from the Subcontinent and Muslim countries.

The food here is also halal, adhering to traditional Islamic practices.

Little India Muslim Restaurant Little India Muslim Restaurant
Left: Pictured (left) is Palak Paneer (NT$300), made with cottage cheese in a hearty, thick spinach sauce. To the right is Chicken Tikka Masala (NT$320), popular around the world and so loved in the United Kingdom that it was called the "British national dish" by an ex-foreign minister. This hearty dish, a bit spicy with tart bits of seasoning, leaves a warm, smooth aftertaste. These two entrees, paired with either rice or naan bread, complement each other nicely, with the non-spicy Palak Paneer
and spicy chicken providing a delightful contrast.
Right: Chicken Tikka (NT$250)--Served steaming hot on an iron plate, this barbecued meat is a customer favorite here. The nicely spiced, slightly spicy chicken pairs well with the provided cool mint and mild spicy sauces. Also pictured is the Plain Lassie (NT$80), a slightly-sour yogurt drink that is soothing after a bite of something spicy.

Little India Muslim Restaurant Little India Muslim Restaurant
Left: This small restaurant, behind The Splendor Hotel, launched the Little India chain.
Right: The decor here is simple and includes pictures of the owner with the president as well as some Pakistani and Islamic themed items.

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