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Tasty, and fun, dining for the entire family--Shushang Cafe and Restaurant in SFANG Children Development Resource Center (Xitun branch), Bon & Cheer's American Cuisine, Garden Restaurant/Cafe, Purple House Family Restaurant and Fun Venue

By Lin Fu-shan
Translated by Sho Huang

Shushang Cafe and Restaurant in SFANG Children Development Resource Center (Xitun branch)

15, FuJi St, Xitun Dist. (near Fengjia Night Market)
(04) 2452-2703
Hours: 10 am-8 pm(closed Mon.)

This cafe/restaurant, affiliated with SFANG Mind Development Center, is a non-profit organization. Its revenues go toward charity efforts, such as early-treatment programs for intellectually disabled children. Its quiet, relaxing environment also makes it perfect for parents bringing kids for dining and some games.

A: The game room and restaurant are adjacent to each other, separated by a huge ceiling-to-floor glass wall, allowing parents to easily watch their playing children while enjoying their meals at ease. The large game room is kept clean and equipped with a small ball pool, gentle slide, a few wooden horses, blocks and other toys. There is also a library and classroom upstairs.

B: Buttered Garlic Clams (NT$180), features richly-textured pasta and creamy sauce and comes with a naturally-tasty corn soup and crispy, delicious cookies.

C: The creamy Light Cheese Cake (NT$50) has a light cheese fragrance; Tea Mousse Cake (NT$60) has a mild tea aroma and smooth texture.

十方之愛兒童發展資源館樹上咖啡親子餐廳(西屯店) A.. 十方之愛兒童發展資源館樹上咖啡親子餐廳(西屯店) B. 十方之愛兒童發展資源館樹上咖啡親子餐廳(西屯店) C.


Bon & Cheer's American Cuisine

(04) 3700-4278
1049, JianXing Rd, 6F, West Dist.  
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-10 pm; Sat/Sun 10:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.

On Park Lane by Splendor mall's sixth floor, this spacious dining venue can accommodate 150 guests with comfortable seating. A kids' play area has been thoughtfully established to allow parents to enjoy their meals at ease, as this delightful eatery aims to make dining with children as fun as possible.

A: Over 20 electronic game machines are specially arranged in the restaurant.

B: The game area is specifically designed for parents and children to play together. Parents are advised to help each other out by closely monitoring the safety of all children in this fun-filled space. Guests can also enjoy yummy American-style cuisine and special crafts classes held here. Special parties can also be arranged.

C: Japanese Tako Yaki (NT$410, 12-inch) offers a delicious salty-sweet flavor while the Sampler Platter (NT$440) includes garlic calamari, buttered corn, buffalo wings, mozzarella cheese and celery sticks. Children's Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce's (NT$160) tender pasta and aromatic meat topping makes it a perfect kid dish.

Bon & Cheer's American Cuisine A.. Bon & Cheer's American Cuisine B. Bon & Cheer's American Cuisine C.


Garden Restaurant/Cafe

(04) 2211-3042
151, ZiYou Rd, Sec 3, East Dist.
Hours: 2-7 pm (closed Tue.)

Housed in a former kindergarten, this business is hidden along a country road in the lovely district of Wufeng. Thanks to an old playground, the restaurant encompasses a huge courtyard, and former classrooms and offices have been transformed into a dining area and kitchen. Bathrooms and sinks, built at a child's height, were kept the same way and there is a garden, tree-house slide (photo A) and classroom-sized play area, all thoughtfully arranged for kids (photo B). The interior decor is simple, but warm, as old shelves are specifically kept empty to create a spatial effect. The extensive menu includes set meals, noodle dishes, baked cheese entrees, vegetarian food, snacks and hot pots, plus children's meals (NT$120-360). The Roasted Chicken Leg with Sauce (NT$210, photo C) set meal comes with four side dishes and black tea, and offers a tender, very delicious marinated chicken.

Garden Restaurant/CafeA.. Garden Restaurant/CafeB. Garden Restaurant/CafeC.


Purple House Family Restaurant and Fun Venue

1, XiangShang Rd, Sec 1, 2F, West Dist.
(04) 2301-5383
Hours: 12-9 pm
Cash only.

This special family restaurant requires all guests to leave their shoes but not socks outside when entering. To celebrate a traditional career-grabbing "Zhauzhou" ceremony on a baby's first birthday here, infants are dressed in traditional Chinese clothes, a tiger hat and shoes (photo A). After the mother holds their baby's hands and hits a "wisdom gong", the official ceremony is launched. Surrounded by the adults, the baby is then blessed for whichever potential career they are predicted to have. (photo B--each object represents a certain career). There's a dreamy, purple play zone for toddlers up to 3 years old, who can play on a toxin-free wooden floor or crawl around the 33-square-meter space covered with soft mats (photo C). All toys and illustrated books are thoughtfully selected. The above ceremony and celebration space are provided for free as long as meals are ordered. All meals (NT$200-250) are freshly-prepared without any MSG and natural and healthy ingredients, and include free rice and black tea.

Purple House Family Restaurant and Fun VenueA.. Purple House Family Restaurant and Fun VenueB. Purple House Family Restaurant and Fun VenueC.


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