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Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot: One of Tanzi's best-kept secrets

By Niang Chen
Translated by Angela Cheng

(04) 2538-9232
18-1, GongTing Lane, TanZi St, Sec 3, TanZi Dist. (There are fire exits labeled on the ground)
Hours: 11 am-11:30 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.

Without someone showing you the way, it's not easy to locate Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot, even with a map. This veteran establishment has been around almost 30 years, since its 1988 opening, and is known among most Tanzi district locals for the good flavors of its authentic home-style dishes and lively family-style dining environment. Despite its alley address and apparent isolation from the world outside, most of its customers are regulars and friends who have dined here for years, further adding to the friendly, homey dining atmosphere.

Using local flair, Tanzi Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot offers a classic Braised Mutton Hot Pot, Stewed Mutton Hot Pot, and Shredded Mutton, all filled with savory, heart-warming flavors. Offered for almost three decades, items like the Fried Rice Noodles (NT$70), Fried Beef Belly (NT$120), and Fried Squid (NT$180) also represent home cooking and provide pure simplicity and enjoyment.

Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot: Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot: 
Right: Dry Cooked Tripe (NT$150)-Boiled tripe fried with green onions, ginger, garlic and raw peanuts, with added soy sauce and sugar, generate a strong flavor the goes perfectly with rice and alcohol.

Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot: Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot:
Left: Braised Mutton Hotpot (NT$350) Mutton bones are cooked with various herbs and the broth has a strong color, but light non-herbal flavor that complements the
moderately-firm braised mutton, plus Garland Chrysanthemum (NT$50) and Chinese Cabbage (NT$30).
Right: Stewed Mutton Hotpot (NT$500/kg) features boiled mutton bone broth with tomatoes, boneless lamb and mutton oil, all sprinkled with coriander for added color and flavor. The sliced, tender lamb is sweet and savory, while the white chewy oil has a light taste and isn't too oily. The slow-cooked tomatoes add a stronger flavor with smooth fragrance, making this a must-order for gourmands! (reservations required)

Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot: Gong Ting Mutton Hot Pot:
Left: Stew Shabu Mutton Hotpot (NT$650) To reproduce this traditional dish, mutton slices are boiled in a stew broth with an antique pot.
Right: Fried Sea Mushrooms (NT$150)-Chewy, crunchy sea mushrooms are fried with oyster oil sauce, ginger, chili and basil.

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