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Good Day Restaurant

Taiwanese cuisine in a vintage 1920's setting

By Shi Yong-feng
Translated by S. Ying

93-9, YongAn Lane, ZhongShan Rd, Shalu Dist; (04) 2662-1390
Hours: 11 am-3 pm, 5-9 pm
Service charge on weekends and holidays.
Cash only.
Park lot available.

Stepping into this restaurant takes you back in time to early-1920's Taiwan, making it a perfect spot for photographers. Located in an 80-year-old house, Good Day is decorated with big red lanterns and old waxed paper umbrellas, creating a nostalgic and relaxing ambiance. It's also an ideal destination for enjoying a mix of Hakka and Taiwanese culture and cuisine.

There are a variety of main dishes to choose from, including vegetarian and kids' meal options. Each entree is served as a set meal with three appetizers, tea and dessert. There are free refills available for coffee and tea, with no need to order a set meal and menus are updated every season.

日日是好日 日日是好日 日日是好日
Left: The traditional-style Bamboo Pot (NT$290) is brewed with bamboo, fresh vegetables, clams, shrimp and meat.
Medium: The after-lunch Tea Set (available Mon.-Fri.) includes red bean purple rice sweet soup, jaboticaba (a special kind of purplish-black, white pulped fruit that is an unusual find on the menu and worth trying) and Osmanthus Tea.
Right: Matsusaka Pork with Chicken Testicles (NT$380) uses dried ginger and sesame oil to stir-fry the meats and served in an old-style pot, along with clams and mushrooms, making it perfect for the chilly winter weather.

日日是好日 日日是好日 日日是好日
Left: Available in the fall, Three Brewed Treasures' (NT$290) "treasures" are pork (braised for hours), pork intestines, and sausages brewed with dark malted beer.
Medium: Thai Style Fried Fish Filet (NT$290) is a popular choice among children and seniors, comes with a sweet--and- sour Thai sauce and goes well with rice.
Right: Steamed Black Cod with Dried Beans (NT$280) comes with a tofu base and is seasoned with ginger, green onions and garlic. It's prepared in a traditional Taiwanese style, steamed with dried beans, wine, sugar and oil.

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