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Vietnam Palace Restaurant: Authentic dining fit for a king

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

228, DaYe Rd, Nantun Dist
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As its name hints, Vietnam Palace Restaurant claims to be the first Vietnamese establishment in Taiwan to offer cuisine once served to Vietnamese monarchs and royalty. This is possible because of Ho Chi Minh city native and executive chef Tina's years of culinary experience. Efforts to create a fully authentic Vietnamese experience includes both the menu items and decor, and Tina goes out of her way to use Vietnamese spices and ingredients that ensure original Vietnamese flavors.

Vietnam Palace Restaurant Vietnam Palace Restaurant Vietnam Palace Restaurant
Left: Satay Beef Vietnam Pho with Dry (soup) (NT$140)
Medium: Combination Vietnamese Style Platter(NT$320)
Right: Braised Crab Pho (NT$220)

Satay Beef Vietnam Pho/Egg Noodle with Dry (soup) (NT$140) is recommended by the chef, while Braised Crab Pho/Egg Noodle/Rice Noodle (NT$220) is another excellent entree featuring a good soup base with crab, shrimp, veggies and spicy herbs. Combination Vietnamese Style Platter (NT$320) also allows you to sample four popular Vietnamese appetizers--fried spring rolls, steam spring rolls, sugar cane shrimp, and lemongrass spareribs--and is served with special traditional sauce and fresh herbs.

Vietnam Palace Restaurant Vietnam Palace Restaurant
Right: Vietnamese Style Grilled Eggplant (NT$220)

It is highly recommended that diners try the Vietnamese Style Grilled Eggplant (NT$220), made with flavorful lemongrass and prepared in a way that locks in all the juices and sweetness of the eggplant. There are over 32 entrees listed in the extensive menu, plus specialty hot pot dishes, vegetarian options, a variety of appetizers and authentic Vietnamese drinks. Currently among these is a winter specialty, Vietnamese Style Mutton Hot Pot (NT$650), with a variety of spices and Chinese herbs.

Vietnam Palace Restaurant has already been around for four years and is very popular among Taichung diners seeking authentic Vietnamese food. Given the fact that the dishes served here are modeled on royal Vietnamese menus and require much preparation, this place provides great value with its prices. Currently, the restaurant is also selling limited-quantity gift cards.

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