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MeatGQ showcases sumptuous dry-aged steaks

By Niang Chen
Translated by Sho Huang

699, YiFeng Rd, Sec 4, 1F, Xitun Dist(04) 2383-0258
Hours: 12 am-3 pm, 6-10 pm; holidays 11:30 am-3:30 pm, 5:30-10:30 pm
English menu and parking available.
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

Following the huge success of its Dorayaki and Pinococo restaurants, Sing-ya Group broadened its Taichung dining options by opening a local branch of MeatGQ Steak, which gained fame in Taipei for its roasted dry-aged steaks, created by "steak master" Danny Deng.

MeatGQ Steak MeatGQ Steak
Left: 6 oz. USDA Choice Top Cap (lunch set NT$2,100, dinner set NT$2,450) is grilled with longan wood till medium rare and sprinkled with salt, accenting the nice fragrance meat and wood flavors.
Right: Appetizer King Crab & Pomelo (NT$500) is prepared with king crab, avocado and pomelo.

During the low-temperature dry-aging process, the beef's moisture evaporates. Mold then grows on the surface of the meat, helping break down muscle tissue with natural enzymes. The result is a mature fragrance and succulent and tender texture. After the outer layer is removed and precious inner section is revealed, the beef is roasted over a high-heat wood fire to create a steak that is crispy outside but tender and medium rare inside, exuding appetizing grilled-meat and wood aromas.

MeatGQ Steak MeatGQ Steak MeatGQ Steak
Medium: USDA Prime Myer Dry-Aged NY Strip (8 oz., NT$2,080) is transformed into tenderness by the dry-aging process.
Right: Apple Pie has a crunchy, warm outer layer enveloping fresh apple pieces and vanilla ice cream for a marvelous hot-and-cold sensation.

The exquisite decor here is a setting for the high-end quality American-style cuisine. Steaks can be ordered any way you desire and set meals start from NT$1,200, including an appetizer, soup, main course, side dishes, dessert and drink.

MeatGQ Steak MeatGQ Steak
Left: Superb-tasting appetizer Teppan Scallop (NT$360) is made with fresh scallops and bacon. Both are sauteed until crispy, with the bacon strips ground into a powder before serving. The thick Mushroom Cappuccino (NT$200), featuring foaming bubbles and a fantastic mushroom aroma, is served very hot (dine with caution).
Right: One of the delicious desserts, Flaming Chocolate offers the rich taste of sweet chocolate and salty caramel ice cream.
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