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GoBigger, better Pash Burger offers same great flavors

Words and translated by S. Ying

212-3, LinSen Rd, West Dist
(04) 2375-9113
Hours: 12-8:30 pm (last order 8 pm)
closed Mon.
Cash only.
No service charge.

When it opened in 2008, Pash Burger became a burger trend-setter and top take-out spot. This success has led to recent renovations, completed in May, to expand the 36-plus seat dining space with a big table easily accommodating over 12 guests and a covered patio with more seating. Owners Daniel Cheng and David Leung have personally, thoughtfully designed every decorative element, using plenty of wood to create a very pleasant, comfy ambiance. New menu items introduced in June will continue the Pash passion for quality, satisfying meals made from scratch with fresh ingredients, joining other great burgers, steaks, salads, handmade fries and desserts here.

傻子廚房 傻子廚房
Left: The recently-renovated space includes a covered patio with six seats.
Right:Chef/owners David Leung and Daniel Cheng are truly passionate about running Pash Burger and offering fresh, delicious foods to their customers.

傻子廚房 傻子廚房
Left:Another June menu addition is the juicy Denver Sirloin Steak (NT$350, NT$450 set meal), which pairs well with the mozzarella-covered tomatoes that will delight any cheese lover.
Right:All burgers we created with a perfect sauce-to-filling ratio, making them juicy and flavorful. Popular choices pictured here (left-right) are: Classic Cheese Burger (NT$150) with crunchy sausage that actually has ground beef flavors along with yummy melted cheese; Grilled Chicken Burger (NT$150) with Caesar dressing, prepared with a big piece of zucchini and chicken thigh that is first pan-fried before grilling; and Classic Bacon Cheese Burger (NT$130) with lots of caramelized onions and homemade special signature sauce.

傻子廚房 傻子廚房 傻子廚房
Left:彩New menu item Rainbow Salad (NT$300), serving at least four, is a healthy option with fresh chopped tomatoes, eggs, black fungus, and chunks of tender chicken topping a huge bowl of lettuce. It comes with a made-from-scratch ranch dressing and diners can substitute the chicken with steak.
Medium & Right: Homemade French Fries (NT$50) made to order with fresh whole potatoes and this cool-looking machine, ensuring these treats are freshly cut and made to order.
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