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On-campus dining (for non-students, too)--Garden Restaurant (Tunghai University), Lady Succulents (Feng Chia University), Jing-Yuan Cafeteria (Providence University)

Garden Restaurant (Tunghai University)

1727, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 4, Xitun Dist; (04) 2359-0121, ext. 23200
Hours: breakfast 5:30-10:30 am, lunch 10:30 am-1:30 pm, dinner 4:30-7:30 pm
Cash only.

Owner Mr. Tsai arrives at 3 a.m. each day to prepare breakfast. Although work is exhausting and profits aren't great, he says he loves Tunghai University's environment and is happy to offer meals to students, teachers, and church-goers there. Customers choose from a variety of available breakfast items and Mr. Tsai--who grinds the soy milk by himself every morning and doesn't add extra flavoring--promises that his food is healthy and natural. About 30-40 lunch and dinner options are made with all sorts of fresh vegetables from Jianguo traditional market and oil and soy sauce are from reputable sources. The boss also notes that his restaurant doesn't sell lunch/dinner leftovers or use reused oil. Strict on-campus standards for restaurants also help ensure worry-free dining. --Words and translated by Eva Liao

A: Outside seating provides views of the beautiful campus.

B: Courses are stir-fried with oil and water to make them less oily.

C: Restaurant foods has all passed health inspections.

Garden Restaurant (Tunghai University)A. Garden Restaurant (Tunghai University)B. Garden Restaurant (Tunghai University)C.


Lady Succulents (Feng Chia University)

(04) 2451-7250, ext. 4057
FCU Business Building 7F, Room 701
Hours: 8:30 am-6:30 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.
Wi-Fi available.

A well-kept secret on the FCU campus, this restaurant is open to professors, staff, students and the general public, who can enjoy coffee, tea, and light meals in a relaxing, charming, quaint atmosphere reminiscent of a mother's kitchen. Popular, reasonably-priced foods include the NT$80 Daily Special, NT$60 dumplings, and Raspberry and Cheese Waffle (NT$50). A favorite drink is the Matcha Latte (NT$80) and the homemade cookies (NT$30) and coconut balls (NT$30 for 3; not shown on menu) will satisfy any sweet tooth. Other new items are introduced about once per month. --By Beth Dietrich, translated by S. Ying

A: The Blueberry and Cheese Waffle (NT$50) is a tasty treat for taste buds and eyes.

B: Lady Succulents has a variety of reasonably-priced coffee drinks like this Caramel Coffee Latte (NT$80).

C: While dining, visitors can also enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful views of the FCU campus and western Taichung city.

Lady Succulents (Feng Chia University)A. Lady Succulents (Feng Chia University)B. <空白>Lady Succulents (Feng Chia University)C.


Jing-Yuan Cafeteria (Providence University)

200, Taiwan Blvd, Sec 7, Shalu Dist
(04) 2632-8001
Hours: 6:30 am-8 pm
Cash only.
No service charge.

This dining area--open to Providence University students and the public--offers three floors of vendors and a variety of cuisine, from Italian pasta to Chinese pastries and Taiwanese soups, dumplings and meatballs. There's also a buffet area with 20-30 veggie and meat selections, such as chicken and beef steaks, with new dishes offered daily. Lunches include vegetarian options and a lunch box with three side dishes and entree is only NT$55 with free refills of soup, sauce and spicy radish. On the second floor are spicy noodles, pork rib rice, noodle soup and other options--generally not too greasy and great for daily enjoyment. There are also tea shops selling hot cocoa, specialty coffees and foam-milk teas, and this writer found every single cup ordered very good. All this makes Jing-Yuan a great stop-off for dining and drinking during any visit to and stroll around Providence University's campus. --By Uvia Chang, translated by S. Ying

A: Outside view of the Jing-Yuan Cafeteria.

B: Various delicious menu items.

Jing-Yuan Cafeteria (Providence University)A.. Jing-Yuan Cafeteria (Providence University) Jing-Yuan Cafeteria (Providence University)B.


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