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Qing Liu embodies the spirit of Japanese fine dining

By Shi Yong-feng
Translated by S. Ying

345, FengYuan Blvd, Sec 4, Fengyuan Dist
(04) 2528-3438
Hours: 10:30 am-2 pm, 5-9 pm
Credit cards accepted.
Parking lot available.

The excellent Japanese chef here acts as a bridge between the diners and nature, pouring his efforts into preparing the meal showcasing the most natural taste of ingredients and dishes with authentic flavors. The word "original" embodies the spirit of Japanese cuisine, as careful meal preparation, seasoning and hours of slow cooking are used to maintain original flavors. Japanese chefs use sugar, vinegar, miso, soy sauce, dried fish and seaweed as flavorings, and to ensure that the taste, visual presentation, aroma and texture of their dishes are perfection when they hit the palate.

If fewer than four diners turn up here, they can opt for a set meal that includes sashimi, salad, sushi, steamed appetizer, tempura, grilled items, dobin mushi soup and fruit. Parties of four or more have the added choice of giving the server their budget and allowing the executive chef to prepare a fresh, customized set meal that is almost certainly guaranteed to delight.


Qing Liu Japanese Restaurant Sashimi Platter on Ice: Sashimi is a great indicator of food quality in a Japanese restaurant and the sashimi platters here exude plenty of freshness.
Qing Liu Japanese Restaurant Seafood Salad features assorted vegetables with fresh seafood such as roe, shrimp, scallops and crab legs, making this a healthy and delicious choice.
Qing Liu Japanese Restaurant

Grilled New Yorker is a juicy piece of top-grade steak that is tender and grilled to perfection.

Qing Liu Japanese Restaurant Deep-Fried Japanese Oysters are palm-sized, crispy on the outside and fresh on the inside--delicious and heavenly!
Qing Liu Japanese Restaurant

Salt-Grilled Fresh Giant Tiger Prawns have a natural savory flavor, tender texture and fresh aroma, making them quite addictive.

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