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Drip (Pour Over) Coffee

Glacier Coffee Roasters'

By Douglas Habecker
Translated by S. Ying

Glacier Coffee Roasters' Glacier Coffee Roasters'

Restaurant: Glacier Coffee Roasters'
Everyone knows how to make a cup of coffee, right? Perhaps, but not necessarily a good cup of coffee. Expert barista and Glacier Coffee Roasters owner Hans Chen and his staff fixate on making excellent coffee, offering top-grade beans (some which they roast themselves) and carefully preparing each cup. They are also happy to educate customers about coffee and teach them how to brew up a great cup of joe on their own. Below, Hans covers the steps to making drip (pour over) coffee, which stands apart from other styles, such as brewed, French press or aeropress coffees. He notes that drip coffees are easier to drink black than espresso-style ones, and allow one to enjoy the true flavors, which may include nutty, chocolate and fruity notes and actually have been proven by scientists to be more complex than wine.

Glacier Coffee Roasters'

Ingredients & Equipment:
-Paper coffee filter and coffee dripper*
-Coffee pitcher (or mug) and spoon*
-Coffee grinder*
-Regular kettle and brew kettle (with special spout to control pouring)*
-Coffee beans approx. 10 grams, according to taste
(*Note: Coffee equipment is widely available from various physical and on-line shops, including Glacier Coffee.)

1. Position coffee filter in coffee dripper and rinse filter with boiling water (to eliminate "papery" taste)
2. Fill regular kettle with 180 grams of hot water and heat to boiling
3. Grind beans, but be careful not to grind them to a fine, espresso-like powder. Instead, they should have a courser, sand-like consistency.
4. Pour boiling water into coffee kettle and allow it to rest for 1 minute so that the temperature is 90-94℃ (195-205℉). Lower water temperatures can be used for darker roasts and higher temperatures for lighter ones.
5. Pour ground coffee into filter and shake to ensure it is lying flat.
6. Pour 30-40 grams of hot water into the filter, wetting all the grounds in this "blooming" or pre-infusion stage. This triggers and establishes all the aromas.
7. Wait 20 more seconds and then add the rest of the water, not pouring too fast or slow, and avoiding the sides of the filter (or the water will drip through without the coffee). In this "extraction" stage, start pouring at the center and use a spiraling motion.
8. Wait until all the water has dripped through. Swirl your coffee pitcher, as the strongest flavors will settle at the bottom. Warm up a coffee cup with warm water and pour this out before filling it with the coffee.
9. Taste your coffee in three stages--at 70-80 degrees, 50-60 degrees and room temperature--to understand its full character.

Glacier Coffee Roasters' Glacier Coffee Roasters' 

Glacier Coffee Roasters' Glacier Coffee Roasters'

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