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4 great romantic places in Taichung to pop "The Big Question"--Story Grill Pub, The Peoples' Cafe, Hang Bar Skewered Dish, Cheers Mate

By Alice Chang
Translated by S. Ying

Story Grill Pub

(04) 2206-3887
125, XiTun Rd, Sec 1, 1F, West Dist
Hours: 6 pm-2 am (closed Tue)
Cash only.
No service charge.

Kimono-clad waitresses, Japanese background music and free hot tea here create the ambiance of a small Japanese rural eatery.

A. Pictured (from left to right) are the refreshing and not too spicy Grilled Pork with Wasabi and Mountain Peppers (NT$100); Salty Pork with Kimchi (NT$120), made with homemade salted pork and pumpkin garlic spiced kimchi; Salted Green Onion Beef, made with top-grade beef, green onions, onions, and juicy, tasty salted peppers; Grilled Chicken with Mentaiko (NT$180); and Teriyaki Plum Chicken Skewers (NT$100). All the food items come with two skewers.

B. Vegetable Skewers (NT$100 for 3) have miso sauce-flavored okra, oyster mushrooms and eggplants; Grilled Lamb Sausages (NT$60) consist of chewy, lamb-intestine sausages; Grilled Garlic (NT$70) comes with three large garlic cloves that are soft and sweet after grilling. The recommended, boneless Grilled Mackerel (NT$180) gets added refreshing flavors from small tangerines and pairs well with a bottle of sake (NT$180).

Story Grill PubA.  Story Grill PubB.  Story Grill Pub


Dozo Grill

22, Lane 282, XiTun Rd, Sec 2, Xitun Dist
Hours: 5 pm-1 am (closed periodically--check Facebook for updates)
Facebook: 一串入魂 Dozo串燒逢甲店

This quiet, completely Japanese-style grill, in the heart of the busy Fengjia Night Market area, offers over 50 reasonably-priced menu items--such as pork/beef skewers, chicken balls, and vegetables skewers--plus a special creative skewer selection of items like pork with scallops and covered with salmon roe (NT$40) or pork covered with 3 choices of either kimchi, mochi and rice cakes (each for NT$35). There are also tofu, tempura, and peppers dishes (NT$25) that aren't too spicy and topped with special Japanese sauce and seven-peppers powder. Beverages include Fuji Mountain soda (NT$100) and imported beers (NT$100-150) like Budweiser.

A. Pictured (top, left to right) are plum wine, lemon soda, honey soda and ice cream soda, plus (bottom, left to right) Peppers, Pork and Salmon Roe, Pork Kimchi, Pork Mochi, Tempura and Tofu.

B. Free seaweed soup is provided.

Dozo GrillA. Dozo GrillB. Dozo Grill


Hang Bar Skewered Dish

(04) 2207-5252
160, WuChang St, North Dist
Hours: weekdays 5:30 pm-1 am;holidays 5:30 pm-2 am
Cash only.
No service charge.

Located near China Medical University Hospital, this is a must-visit place for all "One Piece" animation fans with hundreds of "One Piece" items in the owner's collection. Also popular are grilled foods, served with lots of garlic and "sha-cha" and other Taiwanese sauces.

A. "One Piece" items are displayed in a corner here.

B. Pictured (left to right) are the Large Salted Prawn (NT$100 for 2), Grilled Fish Cheeks (NT$60), Grilled Salmon Belly (NT$150), plus (at bottom) Taiwan draft beer (NT$60) which goes well with Boneless Beef Ribs (NT$180).

C. This place is filled with Taiwanese grilled items that won't disappoint, including Tempura (NT$25), Grilled Snow Peas (NT$30), and juicy grilled mushrooms and oyster mushrooms (NT$30), plus (at bottom) Bacon Wrapped Bird's Egg (NT$45) and small tomatoes (NT$45), grilled green peppers (NT$30) and Grilled Pork with Green Onions (NT$50).

夯霸 炭火Hang Bar Skewered Dish串燒A.  Hang Bar Skewered DishB.  Hang Bar Skewered DishC.


Cheers Mate

(04) 2305-5989
261, GongZheng Rd, West Dist
Hours: 5 pm-12 am (closed Mon.; reservations requested Sat/Sun)
Cash only.
No service charge.
Parking lot available.

This British industrial-style grill is run by a couple who lived in England for two years and discovered the automatic rotating grilling machine used there during their travels. English flavors also include British beer and authentic Whittard milk tea. Food is fixed on grilling skewers, put in the grilling machine, and dipped in sauce after cooking. Sauces include a tomato and onion based variety with various spices or lightly salted soy sauce, plus a Chinese-style sauce mixed with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs with the unique flavors of rock salt, peppers and chili powder.

A. Recommended items are (left to right) the best-selling Angus Ribs (NT$50), Angus Beef (NT$55), Angus Short Ribs (NT$60), Bavarian Sausage (NT$60), Juicy Bacon Mushroom Roll (NT$45), Partially Sweet Sausages (NT$40), Crispy Chicken Wings covered with spices and mushrooms (NT$35), Comb Melon (NT$40) and Mushrooms (NT$40).

B. Bottled drinks include English Tea Wine (NT$130), Belgium Hoegaarden beer (NT$140) and United Kingdom Black Cherry Soda (NT$150).

Cheers MateA. Cheers MateB.  Cheers Mate


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